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New Development Snapshot 0.47.5 for Megamek, MegaMekLab, and MekHQ
Hi Everyone,
Been a few months since our last dev release. This is a massive release with a staggering amount of stuff in it which means their will likely be issues. But unless there are major deal breaking bugs in this release. Things will slow on development for the foreseeable future.  The dev's time have become limited with everything going on in world.

There isn't a Mac release and you'll have to use the Unix release. We are having issues with the Gradle packaging scripts and various security settings in MacOS.  We are working on the issue and have no ETA for a fix.

Lots of bug fixes, some errata implemented - looking at you Narrow/Low profile. But a couple of big new things. Fuel-air Explosives for when you just gotta kill that Clan Elemental Cluster. Princess has graduated the next level of artillery school, she can counter-battery fire and so can you.
Thanks to Simon Landmine's testing of the new map editor there have been a bunch of bugfixes and further improvements to the map editor.

Their is a staggering amount of bug fixes and the record sheet project has completed new Aerospace Sheets and conventional Infantry sheets. We are targetting BA and Protomeks in the next wave but no ETA.

MekHQ has finally gone to the dark side with the dark mode implementation complete. Windchild's has done a lot of work on Personnel. These improvements add Random Marriages, divides names into Given Names and Surnames while adding trailing honourifics, Former Spouse Tracking, expanding Family Displays, and a few new marriage and divorce options relating to how names are changed.

Additionally, there are fourteen new options to campaigns (which can now be reach in existing campaigns through keyboard shortcuts: hold ALT, then press 'F' followed by 'C'), under the Personnel tab in the Family Options tab. These are a mixture of new and additional customization, plus a few new features.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts for the top Menu (hold ALT, then use the underlined key for the menu option) (primary tab shortcuts coming in the next release)
  • Hangar tab pop-up menu bulk selection additions and fixes
  • Localized Natural Order Sorting (i.e. going 1, 2, 10, 20 instead of the previous 1, 10, 2, 20)
  • Proper Gender and Portrait Migration from MegaMek
  • Advance Day in Personnel Market
  • Special Abilities are generated for Veteran and Elite Personnel on Person Generation
Note: You might notice that female personnel may have a box, underline, or an additional space between their given name(s) and surname(s). This is due to an issue for certain non-Latin characters in names in our name text files. This has been fixed, but unfortunately could not be fixed in save files through migration. A extra space can be removed by deleting it (provided the new given name makes sense), but any boxes or underline will require manual fixes. I would recommend doing so by comparing the name to what is in the data/names/firstnames_female.txt file, and replace any names that you find have issues with those located in said file.

Also a reminder to drop into the Slack channel to meet other players and harass the devs that drop in and out.  

As a reminder when moving between versions:
1)   Make backups of your campaigns and customs.
2)   Always treat each release as a stand alone release and only copy your data forward from older versions.

There is a good chance you’ll have issues in MekHQ with unit name changes.  If you get errors loading your campaign as result of unit name errors please see this post.

Name Issues with units
The change log below lists all the changes in this release from the previous stable.

Download Here
+ Data: Removing broken Unit from Fan Council TRO
+ Issue #1661: Grounded Aero Penalty for AirMech or Mech Mode LAMs
+ Issues #1636 #1637: Main menu and minimap now work when loading a new map
+ PR #1670: Fixing AI Documentation location
+ Issue #1634: Zoom in/out on map editor now works
+ Issue #1660: Narrow/Low Profile quirk implementation matches most recent errata (glancing blow on TN or TN + 1 hits)
+ Issue #1687: Missing Ti Ts'ang (Jason)
+ Issue #1689: Communication gear missing costs.
+ PR #1694: Supercharger and VTOL jet booster cost for support vehicles
+ Issue #1701: SRT ammo has extinction and reintroduction dates for One-Shot launchers
+ Data: Updating Maps and couple of variant Dropships.
+ Issue #1446: Units with trailer hitches properly distinguish between loading infantry and towing other units
+ PR #1711: Add Entity.getPriceMultiplier() method
+ PR #1717: Fixing name issues
+ PR #1716: Use weights when randomizing names
+ Issue #1688: Fixing Radical Heat Sink Target Number
+ PR #1723: Implemented fuel-air bombs from IntOps. Includes bot capability to drop them, so spread out.
+ PR #1737: Implemented fuel-air bomb ordnance for artillery pieces.
+ Issue #1746: Variable Tech Level sometimes changes tech level of equipment the wrong way
+ Issue #1639: in map editor, set building CF to default values when ctrl-scrolling through building types
+ Issue #1638: MapEditor Sidebar Vertical real estate improvements
+ Issue #1635: Errors in classic.tileset
+ Issue #1755: Battlemech Turrets should all be Tech Base ALL.
+ Issue #1302: Improved visibility on unit list scroll buttons; gray them out to indicate no further scrolling possibility
+ PR #1758: Fixing display with negative heat (e.g. while snowing)
+ PR #1754: 'next player' button now properly functions for situations with more than two players on a team
+ PR #1685: Allow Starting Height to VTOL Infantry/Battle Armor
+ PR #1766: Adding tool tips for board editor elevation
+ Issue #1769: Added 'cancel' button to random map dialog; now a user can access that dialog in map editor without a map reset
+ Issue #349: Random map dialog now looks in mapgen folder instead of boards folder by default for presets
+ Issue #377: Ask user if they want to quit MegaMek when attempting to close the window.
+ PR #1765: Fix several board validation issues with map editor concerning buildings and bridges; performance improvement for map editor.
+ Issue #1767: When randomly generating a map, picking a theme is reflected in the map editor.
+ PR #1790: various improvements and fixes around random map dialog;
ability to directly open map definition file from map editor
+ Issue #1787: user can now manually reset mini-map and mech info card positions
+ PR #1795: Corrections to invalid data in some unofficial boards
+ PR #1779: Counter-battery fire
+ PR #1805: Adding BV Calculation to ChatLounge Entity Right Click
+ Data: New Sprites adding Icewind Metals Shadow Cats and Pendragon.
+ Data: Grasslands Map Pack (Thanks SimonLandmine for converting)
+ Issue #1797: Fix bot freeze when evaluating infantry moves against support vehicles and BA equipped with infantry weapons
+ PR #1810: Bot units with LRMs will no longer be stuck in indirect fire mode

Download Here
+ Issue #435: Infantry exports not going to TXT, only HTML
+ Issue #437: Disappearing DS Collars on Space Station
+ Issue #430: Spreadable equipment disappears when removed from tripod center leg
+ Issue #438: MML not tracking Single heatsink to Double(Freezer) Change
+ Issue #441: Battle Armor with Armored Glove and Anti Personnel Weapon Mount saves weapons as Armored Glove have the AP weapon.
+ Issue #447: Seats are free on support vehicles
+ Issue #448: Bay doors are free on support vehicles
+ Issue #451: VTOL rotors not included in Unit Cost Breakdown
+ Issue #453: Light fluid suction system has the wrong weight
+ Issue #444: Aerospace Fighter's Preview says that reduced Heat Sink is damaged.
+ Issue #450: Trouble adding jet boosters to support VTOLs
+ Issue #452: Engine ratings on combat vehicles not automatically rounded up to a multiple of 5 for cost purposes
+ Issue #459: Cost for combat vehicle internal structure is based on unrounded values
+ Issue #440: Combat Vehicle Chassis Mod [Flotation Hull] can be added to non hovercraft, VTOLs, WiGEs, and conventional fighters
+ Issue #443: Auto Fill on Battle Armor puts more slots than the part can sustain
+ Issue #457: Can't add Maritime Escape Pod
+ Issue #460: Cost for heavy support lasers on a support vehicle includes half a ton of power amplifiers
+ Issue #456: Save menu command does nothing when unit is invalid
+ Issue #455: Spot welders aren't treated as energy weapons
+ Issue #480: "Vacuum protection requires fusion engine" neither true nor applicable to environmental sealing
+ Issue #461: Removed items of Aerospace Fighter are still on the equipment list
+ Issue #463: Can't mount non-weapon equipment in pintle mounts
+ Issue #466: Preview summary screen does not update era availability
+ Issue #471: Trouble telling whether a unit is valid or not
+ Issue #474: Adding/removing Environmental Sealing to/from critical slots on combat vehicles
+ Issue #479: Additional tons of ammunition for one-shot missile launchers available
+ Issue #483: VTOL Jet Booster on a combat VTOL disappears from Equipment tab once assigned a location
+ PR #413: Aerospace record sheet overhaul, part 1 (fighters, fixed wing support, small craft)
+ PR #491: Aerospace record sheet overhaul, part 2 (large craft)
+ Issue #475: Adding many items on a combat vehicle also adds a trailer hitch
+ Issue #495: Some things that should't be pod-mountable are anyway
+ PR #499: Indicate when equipment stats are variable on equipment tab
+ Issue #493: Blue Shield PFD problems on vehicles
+ Issue #489: Disappearing OmniVehicle pod-mounted cargo
+ Issue #492: Problems with cargo weights for combat vehicles under Transport section of Structure/Armor
+ Issue #497: Superchargers can be added to units that shouldn't be able to use them
+ PR #509: Set cargo bay size by weight or capacity
+ Issue #510: Restrict armored components to mechs.
+ Issue #511: No dual turrets for WiGE vehicles
+ Issue #496: SRCS on Mechs can't be assigned a location, and thus isn't saved
+ Issue #502: Protomech's equipment database is not sorted properly by weight
+ Issue #501: I can remove the base 10 heat sinks that come with an engine
+ Issue #515: External fuel tanks should be available to ICE and FC combat vehicles
+ Issue #517: Non-mech units loaded from cache sometimes save with mtf extension
+ Issue #522: Industrial 'mech Envi Sealing Cost
+ Issue #525: Some support vehicle chassis modifications should require armor
+ Issue #500: I can do many illegal things with industrial equipment
+ Issue #529: Problems with Omnis and armored components or things mounted in sponson turrets
+ PR #544: Infantry Record Sheet rework
+ Issue #545: MASC won't remove from Assign Crits if removed from Structure Armor Tab

Download Here
+ Issue #1470: Thumper artillery vehicle causes array index out of bounds exception error
+ Issue #1261: RFE: In Contract Market, hyperlink the system/location to the Interstellar Map
+ Issue #1090: Feature Request: Add Origin Faction to Fluff Information display of Personnel
+ Issue #1476: Settings in portrait generation is not saved.
+ Issue #1385: Add dark themes to MekHQ.
+ Issue #1488: Random Origin Search Radius now properly loads.
+ PR #1496: Minor scenario template UI improvements; transports generated by AtB may now contain power armor where appropriate
+ Issue #1480: Add customization for colors used throughout MekHQ.
+ PR #1490: Fix some bugs with the Assign to Ship menu item
+ Issue #1495: Export Campaign Subset to New Campaign Now Copies Options
+ Issue #1508: Injured personnel Keep Command of their Vehicles and Infantry units
+ Issue #1429: Adding Bulk Add to the Parts Marketplace.
+ PR #1500: Scenario Generation properly handles GM Generation and Multiple Missions
+ Issue #1505: Fixing Personnel Tab Graphical Unit Images for Mixed Fighter and Tech Person
+ PR #1519: Adding proper bondsman formatting when Added to Campaign
+ Issue #1492: Medical Report Displays for Personnel with GM Added Injury
+ Issue #1497: Scale Unit sell values by their Entity's price multiplier
+ PR #1509: Adding Monthly and Yearly Autosave Options
+ Issue #1482: Hire Full Complement Now Records Time in Service
+ Issue #1486: Fixing Unit and Personnel Export to CSV and Localizing Top Menu Bar
+ Issue #1530: Fixes issue in infirmary where buttons unreadable in dark mode
+ Issue #1250: Added FormattedNumberSorter to Warehouse total cost column
+ Issue #1375: Creating Localized Natural Order Sorter
+ Issue #155: Adding Advance Day to Personnel Market
+ PR #1553: AtB: Adding SPA Generation for Generated Veteran and Elite Personnel
+ PR #1555: Fixing spacing for C3 Slaves in the TOE
+ Issue #1564: Hide impossible parts in the Purchase Parts Windows
+ PR #1533: Windchild's Personnel Improvements, covering Issues #765, #876, #1404, #1482, #1486, #1492
+ Issue #1524: Sort P_NONE Personnel as Support Personnel
+ Issues #1542 and #1417: Hangar Tab Popup List: Bulk Selection and Rank Fixes
+ PR #1556: Updating Unit Rating wording
+ PR #1584: Stop double-counting medics for FMM:R unit rating
+ Issue #691: Fixed multiple issues importing units from MUL files, including portraits, gender, SPAs
+ PR #1583: Adding Menu Bar Mnemonics (Shortcut Keys)
+ Issue #1540: Switching over to using JSpinner for base salaries
+ Issue #1578: Adding New Campaign to the main menu
+ PR #1597: MegaMek Log File is Reset on MekHQ load

Enjoy everyone

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