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New Development Snapshot 0.47.6 for Megamek, MegaMekLab, and MekHQ
Hi Everyone,
About a month since our last dev release and we had some nasty bugs in 0.47.5 for MekHQ. Those should be fixed for this version.

There isn't a Mac release and you'll have to use the Unix release. We are having issues with the Gradle packaging scripts and various security settings in MacOS.  We are working on the issue and have no ETA for a fix.

We got bug fixes. Abandon ship! Large spacecraft can now launch escape pods, giving the opposing player more opportunity to commit war crimes. Princess has also gone back for a couple of combat classes at flight school and learned that turrets should be mounted on the top floor to be more effective. A ton of new sprites (Thanks Deadborder and Saxarba). Speaking of Saxarba we've made his tileset (we were using Atmospheric) the official default tileset of Megamek.

In a word bug fixes and one feature - overhauled Battle Armor Record Sheet printing.

For MekHQ we've got a chunk of bug fixes and a few QoL new features. See the impact of the war crimes in Abandon ship! first hand in MekHQ.

Also a reminder to drop into the Slack channel to meet other players and harass the devs that drop in and out. If Slack isn't your thing check out these Discords with Megamek channels - Everything BattleTech and Classic BattleTech

As a reminder when moving between versions:
1)   Make backups of your campaigns and customs.
2)   Always treat each release as a stand alone release and only copy your data forward from older versions.

There is a good chance you’ll have issues in MekHQ with unit name changes.  If you get errors loading your campaign as result of unit name errors please see this post.

Name Issues with units
The change log below lists all the changes in this release from the previous stable.

Download Here
+ Issue #1814: Fuel-air bomb infantry insta-kill check is no longer reversed
+ PR #1808: Abandon ship! Large spacecraft can now launch escape pods, giving the opposing player more opportunity to commit war crimes.
+ Issue #1824: Implementing Tactical Operations Low Visibility Errata
+ Issue #1768: Resizing the map no longer messes up building/road layout. Note that resizing westward needs to be done by an even number of hexes.
+ Issue #1812: Semi-guided warheads indirectly fired at TAGged targets are no longer subject to terrain modifiers for the purposes of "to-hit" numbers.
+ PR #1837: The bot will now be able to use a searchlight on buildings without crashing the server.
+ Documentation: Trailer How-To added (thanks mkerensky)
+ Data: First SW RATs - Thanks SLDF_gunslinger
+ PR #1843: Saxarba roads
+ Data: Adding Royal Fantasy units as Unofficial.
+ Data: New Sprites
+ Issue #1802 - Kajis Maps and Scenarios Update
+ Data: Missing Archive Sprites
+ Issue #1830 - Sarath 'Mech - Lacking Quirk
+ Issue #1827 - Not every head hit on a quad mech should be a through-armor critical
+ PR #1847 - Restore the bot's ability to use physical attacks against buildings containing gun emplacements
+ Data: Various unit errata Fixes.
+ Issues #1496, #1467: Ammo Sharing between adjacent trailers/tractors, Allow infantry loading/unloading to trains,
  Errata: Calculate MP of trains using engine rating + lowest suspension factor
+ Data: More Errata fixes, and fixes for units that should work.
+ Issue #1862 - Fix BA SSW weight multiplier.
+ PR # 1838: Add Silverfin and Silverback to naval RAT generator tables
+ Issue #1860: Quality of Life improvement - edit bot parameters in lobby by right clicking on bot name
+ PR #1835: Game option to set turn time limit in movement and firing phases.
+ Issue #1853: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException while loading certain mechs and viewing in Selector
+ PR #1875: Fixing Clanner Name Generation
+ Issue #1879: DFL folder to SimonLandmine
+ PR #1883: Improved Princess effectiveness with aerospace units on low altitude maps (can now turn at end of movement)
+ Issue #1786: Corrected Stacked Units Tooltip ECM Reporting
+ Issue #1856: Map Editor - Bridges now appear on preview hex and various QoL changes
+ Issue #1891: Battlefist now applies only once and for the proper arm
+ PR #1901: Re-enable Princess to fire rocket launchers and other one-shot weapons
+ PR #1908: Switching default tileset to Saxarba
+ PR #1909: BA Tube artillery fixes #1848,#1849

Download Here
+ Issue #553: Loading or printing LAM causes ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
+ PR #557: BattleArmor record sheet overhaul
+ Issue #536: Support Fixed Wing Aircraft with Propeller mod will not validate
+ Issue #556: Basic saved file name does not have a space between Chassis and Model
+ Issue #555: Can't add Ammo to SV's
+ Issue #571: Environmental Sealing chassis mod on support vehicles requires 8 item slots
+ Issue #578: Squad Support Weapon Weight Calculations off
+ Issue #582: Large support vehicles incorrectly flag some equipment locations as invalid
+ Issue #581: Rotors can have more than 2 points of armor
+ Issue #550: Battle Armor bomb rack ammo critical space
+ Issue #583: Small SV Cargo weirdness
+ Issue #587: Unit transport bays can be added by half cubicle
+ Issue #531: Armored motive system appears in equipment list for VTOLs and rail
+ Issue #533: BV for Swarm-I ammunition shows floating point errors
+ Issue #538: Auto-allocation of armor for fixed-wing support craft loses armor points
+ Issue #539: I can't add some items to fixed-wing support units
+ Issue #540: Weight breakdown shows all weights rounded to one decimal place
+ Issue #591: Vehicular Grenade Launchers/Vehicular mine dispensers not available on aerospace craft
+ Issue #537: Formatting error in Unit Cost Breakdown for fixed-wing support units
+ Issue #541: Allocated armor is not reported correctly for DropShips/small craft after SI changes.
+ Issue #542: The Infantry Compartment field on the Transport pane is ignored for DropShips and small craft
+ Issue #552: Changing bay personnel can incorrectly change base and total crew on a JS/WS/station
+ Issue #559: Naval Com-Scanner Suites require no crew
+ Issue #562: Fuel mass for advanced aerospace craft appears to be rounded down to the nearest whole ton
+ Issue #593: TRO shows incorrect ammo shot count for weapon bays
+ Issue #595: All mechs with ICE or fuel cell need power amplifiers
+ Issue #596: Combat vehicle environmental sealing takes no mass
+ Issue #598: Extraneous weapons appearing on fighter record sheet
+ Issue #543: I can't always assign legal values for the armor tonnage on Small craft/DropShips
+ Issue #546: Dropdown menu's text turns invisible

Download Here
+ PR #1610: Raised cost of edge points from 1 to 10 for the AtB configuration preset.
+ PR #1627: Moved pregnancy GM items to Personnel GM menu (and hide GM menu if not a GM)
+ Issue #1612: Adding Scrolling to Marriage Candidates
+ PR #1606: Abandon ship (MekHQ version)! Crews of large craft and units transported aboard large craft are handled during scenario resolution.
+ PR #1618: De-clutter assign lance tech menu in TO&E
+ Issue #1632: All random marriages default to same sex
+ Issue #1626: Adding Time in Rank to MekHQ
+ PR #1634: Fixing Activate/Mothball Display Text
+ Issue #1636: ExtraData Export Fails because of Null Mapping
+ PR #1642: Fixing Popup Display Text Spacing Issues in DataLoadingDialog
+ Issue #1218: Personnel Total Earnings Tracking
+ Issue #1613: Automatically Output Finances Table to File on New Year
+ Issue #1134: Option to Disable Dependent Automatic Addition in AtB
+ PR #1645: Deploying units as reinforcements to AtB and template scenarios no longer defaults them to the "any" deployment zone
+ Issue #1649, #1651: Fixing ExtraData Unmarshaller
+ PR #1654: Fixing Spouse and Baby Load from Personnel export
+ PR #1656: Avoid NPE in Person::isMothballing
+ Issue #1635: Base Salaries Not Displaying Correctly in Nimbus
+ PR #1659: Implementing Log Maintenance
+ PR #1666: Fix bug with personnel original unit tech (if clan tech level)
+ PR #1673: Removing Prisoner to Personnel Random Marriage by implementing Prisoner to Prisoner Random Marriage.
+ PR #1663: Fixing Clanner Name Migration
+ PR #1681: Change refit model weight calculation to work with BA
+ PR #1685: Adding All Role and No Role options for Portraits
+ PR #1688: Single Portrait Bulk Assignment to Personnel
+ Issue #1683: Adding the option to log marriage name changes
+ PR #1670: Improved Standard Awards
+ PR #1693: Fixing Campaign Options Display Spacing Issues
+ Issue #1285: Adding default value to prevent Personnel Market No-Role Personnel
+ Issues #880 and #1671: Paid Recruitment Roll is now based on having an active contract
+ Issues #1614 and #1615: Adding a Financial Year Duration Option
+ PR #1700: Fixed NPE resulting in failure to display personnel tab when a unit is assigned to a non-existent scenario
+ Issue #1691: Personnel are now filtered by primary and secondary roles in the Personnel Tab
+ PR #1580: Adding TryingToMarry and TryingToConceive Flags
+ Issue #1625: Adding Display Format Options for Time in Rank and Time in Service
+ PR #1604: Adding Mnemonics to the Main Tabs and Advance Day
+ Issue #850: Bulk Award Assignment
+ Issues #780 and #1102: Implementing Submenus for Personnel Unit Assignment

Enjoy everyone

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