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Exporting Issues (into XML or CSV)
Good morning!  Running Windows 10, and using both MekHQ 0.46.1 and/or 0.47.0 (I'll flip flop between both versions).

I'm stuck on a different issue, relating to Deployment Requirements[url=][/url], and was thinking that I need to export my Personnel and Units to separate files, to 'rebuild" the CPNX  'save file' into a newer  version so I have correct functionality.  My CPNX file was originally generated years ago, before the AtB versions of MekHQ came out, that I suspect it's the reason I am having trouble. 

I was going to begin a 'new' campaign file, using the same starting date as the end of my current mission, using the same personnel, and the same units.  However, I don't seem to be able to properly export the people or units to CSV/XML files. 

Might this be a bug?  I'm willing to send/hang the CPNX game save file if anyone wants to take a look.

Seems to work in Dev 0.47.6 release; now I gotta figure out importing.
We've had a few fixes in the 47.x dev branch. Glad it's working.

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