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Help with making custom equipment
So I've been looking into adding a few homebrew items to my MegaMek.  I have zero coding or computer language knowledge, which I expected to be stumbling block.

A few things I'm looking to modify or create.  A "Clan" C3 system where the Master unit is a bit lighter and more compact (say, three tons and crits), and/or a "Trinary" C3 that links fifteen units instead of 12.  And/or a "Clan" C3i that networks ten units instead of six.

First problem:  I could only find C3 Master and Boosted Master in the github files, not the slaves or C3i.  Second problem:  couldn't find where MegaMek determines how many C3 connections a C3 device allows or how to change that.

Anyone able to point me in the right direction?
Your looking at one of the more complex pieces of equipment. Slaves are in MiscType along with all the other general equipment.

Your best to use the program to search for the Flag associated with various C3 then you can walk through the code.
So, I found the non-Master C3s. It looks pretty straightforward. . . if, say, I wanted to make a "Clan C3i" I could copy the C3i entry, rename it to "ClanC3i" or something, alter the weight and crits to taste.

And. . . that's where my knowledge ends. No idea how to get this hypothetical new item to interact with the game code determining C3 abilities, or change the number of allowed connections. I found some code about calculating fire with C3, so I think I could get the item to talk to that (I'd need to add a "ClanC3i" flag), but beyond that, I'm still lost.
Without coding experience what you want to do is tricky. I'm not a full coder but have learnt to read the code. You'd need to add it to equipment type, make new masters and slaves. Then assign the flags, but a lot of the C3 code is in entity which is very code dense.

I'd suggest joining the Slack channel and posting some questions. When the coders are around they can give you more precise suggestions then I can.

Also if you do get this working your modded version will only work with the same modded version.
I'm aware. What I want to do is somewhat OP by regular BT standards, but works for what I'm planning to build to play the bot for funsies.

Thanks for the help, I'll check the channel.

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