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47.6 Disappearing battle armor
I recently had a game where I brought some battle armor and I had them pre-loaded on their carriers before deployment. I saved the unit list, then we had some server issues, so I wound up just loading that unit list again. It looked like the BA were still attached as directed, so we launched the game.

Fast forward through some shenanigans with a Celerity lance and I've got them right where I want them BA. I can't unload, they don't appear to be carrying anything, and the tanks are not gonna be destroyed like they're supposed to be.

Further weirdness: the battle armor did show up on the sidebar, so it's not like the game forgot about them. It just didn't put them on the map. 

Is this a known bug?
Known bug at this time.
Awesome, thanks. Any particular workaround or is it more mysterious than that?
We've haven't tracked it down yet.

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