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MegaMek Empires Descriptive Video
Anyone interested in joining?  [Image: huh.gif] [Image: cool.gif]

Just for the record I am asking players questions when they sign up, such as their main goal: role-play, empire building (defensive play), warmongering (offensive play), making an empire that will eventually hire out forces mercenary style to other empires, if the player in question is interested in canon Clan combat style, etc. I am endeavoring to place empires on different "continents" or island chains based on player interests.
We currently have 30 players, and more many join at any time, don't be shy. Rolleyes
Here is a little video I put together to address those who are wondering how to sign up, and the concerns of those who are wondering how much time this would take each week and are on the fence on whether to join in.

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