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Personnel Tab technical issue/problem
Hey all, 

Not sure if this is the correct forum to post this in, but I thought it looked like the actual technical issue forum was more geared towards MegaMek. If I'm in the wrong spot feel free to redirect!

Anyways, I downloaded the latest dev build of MekHQ (0.47.7), and am running Windows 10 with Java version 1.8.0_251 and have been super enjoying it, but I am consistently running into issues with the Personnel tab. It seems whenever I change certain attributes to characters (so far I've consistently confirmed it happens with changing ranks, and doing a GM edit to their name/skills), something happens to the entry that makes it bug out and it no longer registers completely when I click on it. This means that when I click on their name they do not show up on the additional information window on the right, it remains blank. As well, any specific field I click (i.e. name, command, etc..) remains blue as if selected even if I click elsewhere. It appears that this eventually affects everyone on the roster and I'm unable to select anyone. 

I'm still able to right click on the entry and do modifications from there, but something seems to be really bugged out for me here. I also just downloaded the same game version on my laptop with identical OS and Java specs and appeared to have no issues, so does anyone have any insight as to what might be causing this issue on my computer? Please find attached a screenshot of the issue.

Thanks in advance for any help, loving the game even with the hiccup

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Update to this, I had been following the "Against the Bot starter guide v3" that comes with the package, and it appears like turning on Dylan's market type was causing my problems, and when I went back to the vanilla setting on a new campaign everything was fixed.

Not sure if this is just a me problem or an actual bug.

Edit: Unfortunately the problem came back when I used the dropdown menu to hire a Mechwarrior and then changed their rank. It was repeated with several other Mechwarriors that I subsequently tried to test this on too. For some reason the original 4 members have no problems even though they were assigned ranks themselves, but whenever I click on my new Mechwarriors they a glitched like above.

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