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Need advice on how to organize a unit in MekHQ
Just started using MekHQ and I must say that I'm impressed. 

But I'm having a bit of trouble with how to organize a multiple regiment size unit due to the current problems with the TO&E tab.  I've got multiple lances that are 5 levels deep (Unit->Reg->Bat->Comp->Lance) and it's becomming a pain to keep updating. 

The other problem I'm having is when I need to re-organize the unit's (two Reg's were decimated after a battle and I needed to combine them into 1) as the only way I've seen to do this is to remove the mechs from the unit then delete the unit's and it's tree and then recreate and reassign the tree under the new combined regiment.

Has anyone else run into this?  Should I only be organizing (using the tree structure) at the Company and Lance level and using the unit name to track Battalion/Regiment assignments?  Is this unit too big for MekHQ?

I know I could try direct editing the XML file but it's a bit too big and too much of a pain to edit manually (I've been doing it a bit too much to fix phantom units or name changes in last release of MegaMek which wouldn't allow it to load), but I'm open to any other suggestion.

Really the only thing to do is have patience till the TO&E tab bugs are fixed Sad
Yeah that's what I thought, I'll just have to patiently await the next update.

I would suggest incorporating only half the hierarchy levels.

Say if you have a regiment, or several, use battaillons as the highest organization level below the unit itself, and lances as the level below that.

By the way, you don´t need to remove Mechs if you want to move a unit. If you remove the force at the lowest organizational level - the lance for example - then its attached unit are automatically unattached. You only get in trouble if you remove a force that has other forces assigned to it - say a company with several lances.
Yeah that's where I ran into problems before.  I removed the Battalion thinking it would remove all the remaining mechs associated to it. 

I kinda came to the same conclusion that I need to remove a level or two in the hierarchy to make this work right now. 

Thanks for the help though.

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