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Bug or not? Kicked ejected pilot, pilot lived
I had a 30 ton 'Mech fighting a King Crab. I hit the King Crab's rear armor, which hit the internal structure and detonated its AC/20 ammo. The explosion caused the pilot to auto-eject, and he landed in my 'Mechs hex. From that point, the following events occurred:


Physical Attack Phase
Searchlight declared but not possible.

Physical attacks for Super Stinger STG-8M-M (Ranger)
    Kick (Left leg) at MechWarrior Bartolo Navarro (Princess); needs 9, rolls 9 :  - Glancing Blow - hits MEN
        Infantry platoon caught in the open!!!  Damage doubled.

Heat Phase
Super Stinger STG-8M-M (Ranger) gains 13 heat, sinks 13 heat and is now at 0 heat.

Control Rolls

End Phase
MechWarrior Bartolo Navarro (Princess) has been picked up by Super Stinger STG-8M-M (Ranger).
Team 1 has achieved all required victory conditions!


As you can see, I successfully kicked the MechWarrior. It was a glancing blow, so my damage should be half. A 30 ton 'Mech would do 6 damage with a normal kick, and therefore 3 with a glancing blow. The MechWarrior was in open terrain, so the damage should be doubled back up to 6.  Howevet, I did no damage, somehow.

Is this a bug, or is there something about glancing blows and kicking MechWarriors that I don't know that allowed him to survive?
A Mech kicking infantry does only 1 damage. A glancing blow does half damage, rounded down (1/2=.5, rounded down to 0). Hitting infantry in the open does double damage (0*2=0).

If the calculation goes in that sequence, 0 damage is the logical result.
Lucky Bartolo. A 30-ton mech just grazed his forehead with its foot. I hope it doesn't leave a scar.
I had a similiar experience. but sadly the pilot was picked up and captured. Sad
Ahh, thank you Sir Chaos for pointing out the rules sequence that I had forgotten.

And yes, that Bartolo fellow was one lucky SOB.

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