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Spending XP
I have noticed that my commander and 2nd in command of my merc group for my campaign cannot spend any xp on gunnery skill for mechs? Piloting and other skills yes but they can't do it for gunnery?  Has anybody else encountered this?  It is only my Col and Lt Col all others can spend their points on gunnery for the mechs.
are their gunnery skills already maxed out?
no they are not.. they should be but they are both at 1
Have you changed the settings for how much xp needs to be spent for each level of skill in the campaign settings at all?  That's the only other thing I can think of as I tested it out and can spend points just fine.
i changed the settings before the 1st scenario was done.  The rest of the members below their rank can get xp for gunnery.

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