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Couple of questions about v11
First let me say how awesome this program is and how great a job you all are doing.

1. Is there a way currently to assign a unit to a specific system? 
Say if I have two units and one is assigned to garrison planet A and another is assigned to garrison planet B, can I do that through MekHQ or is it something I need to keep track of separately?

2. Is there a way to assign my support personnel to a unit without having to buy a infantry unit and assign them to it?

Thanks again,
One more thing, where does the Dragoon's rating show up?  I can see that it is enabled in the campaign options but I can't seem to find it anywhere.
Answers, afaik

1. No. Currently there is no way to send X Company to Dieron and Y Company to Benfled, it is just all or none. It is a feature I'd also like to see though.

2. I assume you mean assign support personnel to some where in the TO&E and the answer is no as well. Though you could create some 28 man support platoons that only have basic side arms (I haven't modified infantry much) to better represent them.

3. The Dragoons Rating is on the bottom left for me. Right next to the GM Mode button.
Re #2, you could assign them a secondary role and skills and put them on existing units, like vehicles. I am at some point planning to set up an "assigned tech" for each unit which would then be the default tech for making repair, refit, and acquisition rolls, but I haven't done it yet.
(12-12-2011, 09:57 AM)Jayof9s link Wrote: 3. The Dragoons Rating is on the bottom left for me. Right next to the GM Mode button.

Well that explains the it and the missing GM Button, I hadn't realized it was in the lower left.


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