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MekWars: 3085 The Republic?
I was wondering how many of you would be interested in a MekWars campaign (be it a full cycle or era) set in the early republic times, i.e., the years 3081+?
hmm I am not sure.  I really don't know that much of the era to be honest. 
Most don't TS, but there is a lot of new material coming out which is set for it (inclusive the whole Master Unit List project).

But not only here as well as in the CBT forums I've noticed interest seems to be none. Guess people find in unplayable, too alien to their tastes. Pity.
maybe the BT-Comunity is well-fed by now in things of technology.
To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised *shrug*
Well I am open to it its just I would rather know more about what it is about and stuff before jumping into it.
Im down.  Keep BT moving forward. Fighting old battles is getting kinda boring.
I think you missunderstood my text there superdude... the "Early Republic" is exactly the most actual time having books about currently, i.e., 3085.
I started the early republic minicampaign anyway... and it is being a blast. Smile

Infos at the Shack's forums or here: where I post the results.

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