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MegaMek Board Editor Tutorial
Hey all.  I just wanted to post a tutorial I made for the board editor that comes with MegaMek.  My hope is to have more people creating awesome maps and custom hex-tiles for the community to share.  I had to do a lot of trial and error to understand the map editor and thought because it is somewhat difficult to use that the map editor might scare people away from it.  So I really hope this helps.  It is quite long, but I did get pretty in-depth with a few things.

Map Editor Tutorial

This is only version 1 and I hope to have updates in the future (largely depends on reception and if it is helping people).  I will openly admit that I do not know everything about the map editor, so I openly invite the community to help me out with it and give me your insight (I consistently mark things in the tutorial that I request a response from the community to ensure I am giving accurate information to everyone)

I have to give a shout out to Ladob for inspiring me to do this, and of course to Ben Mazor for creating such an awesome program.

Admin Edit-
Changing link.
Thank you AZ hopefully this will help me out with it too.
Thanks, AZ. Maybe we can include this with the next release.
Even with the tutorial, this is an very non-intuitive tool. Notably missing are some key features:

- Undo
- "Copy this hex" button to load up the properties of an existing map (and presumably tweak)
- A catalog of the hex tiles, by category and their index, that you can pick from and load up its properties
- Actually display in the "working hex" what it will place

I've no desire (at this time) to create a whole map on my own, but I sure need to edit several to fix glaring errors in the map design, and it would be nice for the tool to be more obvious and robust. Good example: In Castle Hills 35x35, all the bridges are automatically destroyed in Round 1 because their Construction Factor (CF) is 0. There's just not enough detail in the tutorial to tell me what I need to do to make all the tiles work.
Whats with the thread necromancy??? Create a new thread next time rather than revive one 6 years dead and not even related to the main topic.
Its not Thread Necro, when its a thread pinned to the top, the points raised are fair points but given priorities the map editor isn't going to get a lot attention.
(07-16-2017, 01:15 PM)TheVenge Wrote: - "Copy this hex" button to load up the properties of an existing map (and presumably tweak)

This one at least exists. Off the top of my head I can't recall what it is since it's been ages. It's either Alt + left click, or ctrl... or possibly shift.
Cool, thanks Hammer and Jay!  I understand about prioritization.

For those searching / lurking, the "copy this hex" Jay refers to is apparently alt-leftclick.

Edit:  AzDraon, if you're still around, do you mind updating your tutorial with this?  Knowing this feature goes a long way to helping to reverse-engineer the how-to for quite a few things for would-be map editors/makers!

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