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looking for a "boss fight" for one of my campaigns
howdy, my name is scott and i'm GMing several ongoing campaigns. currently i'm looking for a "boss fight" style ending for a current contract. the unit you will be fighting against is Budget Security. it is divided into 3 entities which operate under that name each played by an individual player. the actual budget security force is run by coyote808. the black eagles are run by james pryde. and scott's deviants which is run by me personally. our battles generally run from company size to regimental or even larger on nothing smaller than a 64x68 map. we are truly a combined arms unit as well. i generally use mechs, aero, and artillery with the occassional tanks and battlearmor. coyote808 generally prefers tanks, artillery, and infantry with a side of mechs and has lately been dabbling in aero. james pryde almost exclusively uses mechs but has occasionally been known to use vtol or battlearmor. he tried artillery this past game and cored two of his own pillagers in one shot. i doubt he'll ever touch artillery again. as far as individual play styles i usually rush in and get to mech-fu range asap. same for coyote808. james is more the type to stay in back and play support. usually this strategy goes poorly for us. coyote808s vees get blown up pretty easily leaving my forces against an entire enemy force while james is wasting everyone's time firing one or two weapons from across the map cause his mechs are usually too slow to make it into the main battle. it's currently february-ish 3049 and we're fighting against the 1st Crucis Lancers RCT on Tancredi IV in a planetary assault on behalf of the outworlds alliance.

but enough about us. this is what we're looking for: someone who doesn't mind a long game (saving and picking it up next week is acceptable though because we understand that real life comes first). someone who uses more than just mechs (although using just mechs is fine too). someone who fights ruthlessly and isn't scared to throw a few taunts and profanities over the main chat (you won't be fighting the entirety of our force so don't worry about wiping us out). someone who isn't scared to fight down to the last man (my last battle came down to an ejected vehicle crew spotting for an immobile tank firing LRMs indirectly for the win). i'd like to have someone with some sort of instant messenger so i can help get you set up and direct the action a little bit (i'll also be telling you what's going on on our side to give you a little bit of a tactical advantage). i prefer using yahoo but i'd be willing to use something else if it's more convenient for you. if this sounds interesting to you our games are played on saturdays and start around 4pm hawaii time (about 6pm pacific, 7 central, 8 mountain, 9pm eastern). they typically run several hours but i imagine they would be a lot shorter if we didn't have to wait for the bot. this particular game probably won't be played for several weeks but i figured i'd get the message out now. and finally of course any/all of the three players involved on this end would be more than happy to participate in your games following your rules. Smile

my yahoo id is silver_96_camaro
also feel free to email me @

thanks Smile
Just out of curiosity, do you play with double blind rules? The reason I ask is the large battles I've tried were always very sluggish between moves. Have you noticed this?

I, unfortunately, can't help with being the "boss." I have too much on my plate as it is. Sad
sadly it's not planned for this mission. if we did use double blind the forces would be up to company size and the map would be a lot smaller. but yeah, generally double blind does slow things down significantly.
One thing that might help you with the bot in large games -> Open the file "" and set

Are you planing to fight McKinnon's cannon Mech company? What are your restrictions on unit variants? Some "real man's battle-tech" could be fun, but I must admit I haven't done much with that era.
oh yes. i definitely play with individual initiative on. lol. even though this battle will be pvp we intend to keep it on just to stick with what we've been doing. we don't plan on fighting the cannon garrisoning unit. the only limitations are era specific innersphere mechs. custom variants are fine as long as they use era specific tech. if the opfor is feeling courageous he can pull from the davion tables using the catalyst website. that's generally where we get our enemy units from. but bottom line is any era specific tech is acceptable.

link to catalyst website:
I would offer to help but I am not sure how well our time schedule would line up. Starting at 9 pm EST would only give me around 3 hours of play time per session, at least it being Saturday evening helps some what.

I am comfortable using all unit types as I am usually in control of combined arms units that make use of 'Mechs, tanks, infantry and aerospace with artillery thrown in more recently. Battle armor doesn't see much use in my games, mostly due to my campaigns mostly being set in the time frame before BA exist in the Inner Sphere but I have enough experience there to make use of them when needed (not that I'd expect to have BA in a 3049 campaign).

I play OpFor almost exclusively as the GM for more than a handful of campaigns and unless your forces are significantly stronger, I'm not sure you'd want to feed me your tactics to give me any sort of edge, especially if your units usually just pick on the bot. Well, unless you don't particularly want those forces to make it home again.  Wink
Jay seems a lot more confident than me. Perhaps assign him the bulk of the opposing force to control, and give me an independent lance?  I'll roll a random force and then tweak it within any limits you wish to set. I'll keep a look out for you on IM. I very nearly never use IM, so if you'll be on at a certain time tomorrow please let me know here.
cool stuff. i'll make sure to fit you both in if you're interested. as stated in the original post this game probably won't take place for a few weeks. i'll post an update sometime sunday with an approximate start date. as far as actual force composition we won't know until the actual start day. thanks for the interest so far guys!
Jayof9s, the OpFor stands to ~60k BV, what portion of that do you want to control?
I didn't know when I posted that someone was already interested in helping out, you can take it all. I'm not sure my availability would be the best with time zones involved as I mentioned in my first post anyhow. Best of luck to everyone though.

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