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Smoke before Fire
Sorry I'm just getting back to this, I was trying to get laser inhibiting smoke arrows when the issue with how smoke srm/lrm missiles are implemented came up. I've been trying, and I just can't seem to get MegaMek to recognize a custom hex. I set the path in the TilesetManager, I'm not what to do to get the transparency .png to display. Would anyone be willing to check my work if I made a Diff?
Thanks, here it is :
Let me know how I botched it!  Tongue
Heh, you just changed the code that automatically generates a new tileset when there is no tileset existing, and forgot to change the extisting tilesets.
By adding
super * "smoke:3" "" "boring/lismoke.png"
super * "smoke:4" "" "boring/lismoke.png"
to the tileset files (in data/images/hexset), it works.
Ahhh. Well that's what happens when you try to search for all instances of "light_smoke.gif" and your not set up to read .tileset files as text. Now I feel silly. Thank you!  Big Grin

. . . and now, back to work I go.
I uploaded a new patch file, but it's still broken. I can add smoke with the map editor and load it into a game, but I've somehow broken delivery of smoke by missile / artillery. I've been banging my head against this for a while now, but I'm not going to have computer access for a few days, so I thought I'd leave it up for the time being. This way you can all point and laugh and maybe tell me how I fucked up this time.

Edit : Back from the land of no Internets. Continuing my efforts to debug in spare time.
I was busy the last few days, will take a look soon.
Welp. This is a bit odd. . . I wrote my changes to a unified diff and restored the MegaMek source to the repository version. The idea being that I would re-patch individual source files until one broke smoke delivery, and that edit would be the source of the problem. Thing is, I didn't get past the base revision, and smoke delivered by missile or artillery is already not appearing on the map. Does your base revision work, or is this just me somehow?  :-[
it works fine for me with your patch, only the lismoke.png file you attached was corrupt.
I committed a working verison to SVN, check it out.
I've had official word that LRM/SRM smoke is going to change significantly in the upcoming TO errata, so better not waste time implementing current rules.
That's awesome! So I guess the issue is with my build? Damn. I'll try updating my JRE and starting a new workspace. I'd love to know what your official source is!  ;D Just let me know when they update that errata and hopefully I'll be sorted and ready to implement smoke missiles proper.

Xotl, the errata coordinator on the official forums said so in the thread for the latest MM release.
Cool! Do you have a link to the post?
O.K. smoke delivery is not a problem with my build, but something else. Delivery worked fine for me in .27 before and no longer does. I've now asked three different people and we all get the same thing. Smoke reports being delivered to target, but no smoke appears on the board. Firing through a hex reports as though firing through clear. Smoke can be added to the board editor normally. Weather is normal and I can't think of any changes I have made that would cause this. Does anyone else have these issues? Does anyone not?

Edit: Damn it. I think I figured it out. If this is what I think it is then I am going to feel intensely stupid. I'll get back to you on that in a few.
O.K. right now smoke from artillery and missiles only delivers if "tacops_start_fire" is set to true in the game options. I guess I should fix that. That's not intentional, right?
Hm, yeah, that sounds reasonable.
I feel weird submitting a patch just to snip out this tiny bit of code.

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