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Mekwars Forever is now up and (virtually) bug free!!
New Cycle Launch

It is nearing the midway point of the thirty-first century. The five great houses are at war, man-shaped monsters of steel stride the battlefield, like unto gods. At the periphery, small states and pirate bands build their own forces, preparing to take advantage of the houses during the time of turmoil. Though for hundreds of years technology has been regressing to the ravages of war, the recent discovery of the Helm Core has allowed technicians throughout the Inner Sphere to begin developing new weapons based on LosTech, to better crush their foes.

Meanwhile, far beyond the rim of known space, there is a small cluster of planets whose inhabitants are unknown to the inner sphere. In orbit of the planet of Bone-Norman, the Explorer Corps jumpship Outbound Light prepares to leave known space...

February 13, 2012 - Live Cycle Re-Launch

MekWars Forever is dedicated to providing players with a Clan Invasion era server that can cater to both casual players and those with a serious interest in the ongoing campaign. This cycle begins before the launch of Operation Revival. The five houses war amongst themselves, unaware of the threat lurking beyond the rim. Meanwhile, the Clan forces fight amongst themselves, preparing for their eventual glorious return to lead the inner sphere into a new golden age, even if it is at the business end of a PPC. Players will take the role of one of ten factions, standing on the front lines of the thirty-first century.

In response to the feedback from players, as well as extensive discussion among the administration team, we've made a number of changes to the MekWars Forever campaign, some large, some small.

- Build tables have been completely revised.
- Many terrain types have been revised.
- Campaign begins prior to the clan invasion.
- Operations have been reduced to avoid confusion.
- Espionage Points have been revised*
- Players will have an impact on how their faction develops over time*

On behalf of the administration team and the returning players, I welcome you all back to the newest edition of MekWars Forever. The battles continue...

For returning players:

You have the option of either:

1-Downloading the new client here :

2-Allowing autoupdate to update your client.

If you choose option 1: There has been an update done since the client was packaged, so even if you download the new client, it will autoupdate again as soon as you run it. This is intended.

If you choose option 2, please delete the contents of your data/servers folder as not doing so can cause display issues with the map.

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