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Error, could not connect to server
My friends and I have been trying to start using MegaMek, but everytime we try we get notified that it could not connect to server at

of course the IP addy's aren't all x's but for everyone involved's security I thought it best to leave them out.

We have tried doing exactly what the documentation says, start up a game on one machine, go to and texting them the addy.  Then when they try we get the error.

I know the ports have been forwarded because we have a different game we play that uses that same port.

What can we do to get this working?
This could be a firewall issue on your computer itself. As in the "other game on the same port" is allowed by your firewall, and MegaMek isn't. Try disabling your firewall. If it works, you know its a firewall issue. If it doesn't you move on to something else.

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