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Megamek hosting
Hey everyone we have been hosting a variety of game servers for over a year now and a friend requested a MegaMek server so we now are offering those too.

If anyone is interested in ordering a megamek server please visit the attached link

You will receive your server moments after payment is made.  The cost is 5.00 a month Smile

Interested in other services like minecraft, tf2, web hosting, dedicated, or virtual server we can handle that too

Have a good day everyone
Thanks. A friend of mine told that his server is hosted at Vanquish VPS. Support is good, didn't have any problems so far, RAM ammount is really cheap.
why would I pay 5 dollars a month?  meaning what is all involved in this service
Vanquishvps for Megamek is no longer in business.  Vanquish switched to doing business servers I heard.

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