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Calendar Reminder
I had not messed with MegaMek for a few years, but came back to it recently only to find one of my wildest gaming dreams come true in MekHQ.  The program blows me away with how useful it is, and how easy it makes running a ongoing campaign.  "Amazing work!" to everyone involved.

That said, I do have one minor suggestion.  I have been playing my own solo campaign against the bots, and have been trying to make it as "realistic" as possible with worrying about parts, personnel, and vehicle shipping times, as well as other time burners that are not implemented (yet?). 

One thing that would help with all of this, and would probably end up being useful for other things, would be a quick and dirty system to add a calendar reminder.  You give it a date and a message, and once you have advanced to that date you get the message back in the log (preferably in a different color).

I wouldn't imagine this would be a difficult addition, and would be glad to add it in myself... If I knew the first thing about Java programming.  VB is about as complicated as I get, and even then my code would likely make a real programmer cry.  If there is already a planned solution for this that just has not been implemented yet, then please ignore me.

Anyway, thanks for the awesome software, I will be keeping a close eye on the project, and if I can get hold of a few books I'll see what I can do to help out with the planetary data... Something I won't make a mess of. Smile
As far as I know this isn't anything that is in the works, you might want to post it in the sourceforge features request since forum posts can tend to get lost before they get worked on:

I do plan on writing a patch for "Hiring Halls" on the various planets like Outreach, Galatea, etc... where such exist in the sourcebooks. These would allow you to assign an administrative officer to them (who would be unavailable to use wherever else you would be while on contract) as a hiring specialist. This would allow you to hire new personnel and have them "shipped" out to you. But I have no idea when I'll have time for that. I would say that something similar could be done with purchasing new units, except for:

A) You don't always purchase from the factory.
B) The idea of having factory data in the planetary information has been (for now) nixed.

Of course, you could always just randomly determine a planet of origin and have it shipped from there as well... perhaps I'll write a patch for that as well, and perhaps not. Smile

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