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How do you start a game against humans?
Hi Guys, new user here. I love Battletech and MegaMek is awesome so far, but I've only been playing against bots. How to connect with humans?

I am not a computer genius, so please break down for me like you are talking to a complete moron. I start MegaMek, load it up, and... what? When I click on "Connect to a Game", it just brings up a screen that seems rather mystifying. It says "Your Name", "Server Address" (defaulting to "localhost"), and "Port". I don't know what any of that stuff means or what I'm supposed to do with it. Can anyone enlighten me? Is info on this already listed somewhere on this site, and I'm just not seeing it?

Your help would be much appreciated!
You basically need to talk to other people and try to join a gaming group. I've got myself, my IRL friend Ash, and Jayof9s from here that I play with regularly.

I also often play OpFor for Jayof9s and his friend Zack.

I'd be interested to split Ash's huge merc unit up amongst several players if we could all agree on a play time. I GM/OpFor it and I'd be interested in getting Jayof9s and 1-2 other players into this campaign. Ash's unit has expanded (during 4 game years) from a Company of Mechs, 2 Platoons (lances) of tanks, and a lance of AeroSpace into a Mech Regiment plus 2 independent mech companies (artillery and a special forces "Hot Drop" unit) a Battalion of armor, and a Wing of AeroSpace. So... we'll see what his interests are and if I can drum up people who have compatible schedules to play. Ash, Jayof9s, and myself are all in the Eastern time zone in the US... so we'd need someone who could be compatible with most likely Sunday Evenings our time if we're going to do this.
Now to the more practical side.

There are three ways, how you can play a game of MM against another person:

1. You host a game and John Do connects to your game.
2. John Do hosts, and you connect to his game.
3. You both connect to a server, where MM is already running.

In all three ways all sides have to use the same MM version, or it won’t work.

First method. Start a game, just like you did it against the bot. Give John Do your IP-Adress and the port you used when you startet the game, and he can connect. Problem here: on your router (which I suppose you use) “port-forwarding” has to be activated. (And since I can’t find out how it is done on my own router, I’m probably not the right one to help you there Wink )

Second method. Just the other way round, you need John Do’s IP-Adress and the port. Click “Connect to game”, use the provided information – and you’re good.

Third method. Find a (free) server. There are already some mentioned here on the board somewhere. You and John Do both have to klick “connect to game”, use the Servers IP-adress and used port. And of course you have to use the MM version that is already running on that server.
Also, for those not aware... the latest release (Yesterday 0.35.29) of MegaMek has the new server browser on the website. Once I set up a pair of dedicated servers on my physical server those should show on there.

So you'll be able to use servers listed there that aren't in use as well.
To find your IP address go to

It'll be right at the top of the page.  It will look something like this-

The person connecting puts that in the server address.  Just use the standard port.  I think its 2346.  Go to to make sure your router is set up correctly to connect through that port.  It'll take a decent amount of reading (they have well written out explanations for non computer types like me and you, but it might take some scrolling and reading to find them) but its not too complicated and for me the actual process once I understood it only took a minute or two.

Also, with some versions of windows, you may have to change your firewall settings to allow data to go through the port you use for the game (2346).  You can google this.  It's a multi-step process but there are easy to follow step by step instructions out there.

So, in short, you have to do three things-

1) Use to make sure the default port is open.

2) Make sure the windows firewall will allow data to enter from that port.

3) Make sure the person connecting to your game knows your IP address to enter into the box "server address".
The server browser has just been updated to check if the port can be reached from outside, so with the newest development version of MM, you don't need to do this by hand anymore.
Thanks guys. These technical answers are what I was looking for.

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