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New Campain : Kentares IV
I´m getting closer to finish the setup of my Mekwars campain/server : KentaresIV.

The story:
It plays 3025,the five successor states and periphery are at war.The focus for the planetary league is on the conflict FedSuns vs Draconis Combine. To get fame Mechwarriors fight in the arenas of SolarisVII until death.

The special feature:
The Solaris Arenas and some of the 1600 planets will not only have auto terrain. The players can make their own MegaMek Maps to play on . For the SolarisVII arena boards 16x17 hex,for planetary league 25x25, 35x35, 45x45 boards. If you want to include a map PM me here. Deadline for 1stServer startup maps is 30th April 2012.

The settings:
4 SolarisVII Divisions 1vs1 (Light,Medium,Heavy,Assault)
1 SolarisVII Open Division (FFA last man standing,4-12players)
5 planetary league missions
Meks only (vehicles/inf eventually cycle2)

Server start will be 1st May so if you want include a Map get in contact with me ,PM me here
after Server is started i will update Maps every 3-4Month,so no worrys if you get not finished  Wink
Sounds cool.

How will this be played... will you still have to manage a hangar bay?

Do you have a mechlab like all the MWx games?

Can we modify our mechs? ... or is it a play a lot to get the best mechs offered to win type of campaign?

I like to have a mechlab so that you can modify your Ostol to have a chace of standing up against the guy that plays all the time and is loaded with Grasshoppers in his hangar bay.
Hey Mekslayer,

because it is just a new Mekwars-setup,it is played like all the MWx games: you manage a hangar bay and put into your army one mek if you want play in the famous SolarisVII arenas ,or 4 mechs(one lance) and more Meks to play the planetary league battles.

Im sorry there will be no Mechlab, but im sure you´ll find enough good material everytime in the factorys.

The players can make own maps/boards which will be included to the game.Size is 16x17 hex for SolarisVII Arenas and 25x25,35x35 for the planets.

(P.S: against 2 Grasshoppers try 2 Hunchback 4H/1 Hunchback 4G  :Smile )
Hey In,

maybe you could link us to your client?
I am interested, although I have only recently even found out about Megamek.  I've played plenty of tabletop B-tech over the last 25 years, as well as Mechwarrior 3&4 as well as MechCommander.  I may need a little coaching in the use of Megamek, but definitely would like to play some.

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