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New Campaign: Steel Titans
Hello everyone. My name is Raozspaz, I am a dedicated BattleTech player that plays once a week every week for a very long time now. I have always loved the game and when I first discovered MegaMek, I knew that I had to do something grand with it. Of course, the first thing that came to mind was to bring my campaign setting to everyone that was willing to join it. Anyhow, how abouts I just move on to the explaining of eveything instead of boring you all with my pointless chatter.

Now then. I want to begin with this quick tidbit of information. The world/galaxy/universe that this campaign takes place in is not the normal BattleTech universe. Why is this, because it allows more freedom for the players and for me the game master to have fun with. Now there is still the Clan and Inner Sphere problem just like in the normal world, but we will get to that more later.

Campaign Information:
The year is 3070, and all of the major Inner Sphere powers have finally brought about a more . . . how shall we say, peaceful resolution their problems. The Clan have kept themselves secluded to their territory, having problems amongst themselves to deal with. As the first peace conference in the longest time ever imagined finally draws near, trouble brews. Forces bearing insignias never before seen attack the conference, destroying the facilty and killing multiple high ranking officials. Chaos erupts as people try to make sense of what the hell was going on.

Over the course of the net month, this new force that attacked the peace conference makes itself known to the general public. With an announcement broadcasted to the entire world, the people tell their true intentions: "We demand nothing. We want nothing that anyone owns. No item, no money. We only have the desire for one thing. That is war. Bring us war, or we will bring it to you." The chaos only worsens after the demands from the militant force known as ArchAngels is broadcasted to the entire galaxy. And during all this chaos, the balance known only as peace breaks in half, leading to yet another war. The super powers attack each other, trying to take advantage of the disruption in their people.

As players, you have one of 3 choices:

Mercenary: You are a mercenary force. You work for whoever you want to work for as long as the money is good. As the campaign goes along, you will form contacts and such and will try to make a name for yourself in this war torn universe. Will your force seek peace, or will it try to continue the war as long as possible and try to squeeze out as much money as it can.

ArchAngel: You are an ArchAngel. You and your forces were one of the many that brought about this chaos and wish to seek out the combat that you have so eagerly desired for the longest time imaginable. You desire no peace, you only wish to make a name for yourself amongst the 'Angels' and claim your title as their lord.

Military: You work for one of the 6 Inner Sphere super powers. You fight for your nation, whatever it desires and are trying to ensure that they and they alone are the only victors in this new outbreak of war. You will lead your nation and all of its mighty military people to the heart of the enemy and strike fear into their souls.

- - - - -

Inner Sphere Powers - The Inner Sphere powers are not the ones most of us are used to since this is of course a custom galaxy. Each of these powers has their own tech (just like in the normal battle tech universe) that you will be granted upon being a part of their military or by earning their favor as a mercenary.

Verdent Empire: The Verdent Empire is a nation that believes combat, even in the giant monstrosities known as Mechs, is best fought at the end of a blade, or an axe if that is your tastes. Physical Combat is their forte and they prefer all of their men fight in melee as much as possible. Due to this, most of the militant pilots for this force get extreme training to ensure their piloting is as good as it gets.
- Tech Benefits: The Verdent Empire hasn't been able to do much in the way of new technology and thus has no technological benefits.
- Pros: Due to rigorous training, all Military players working for the Verdent Empire get a -1 to their piloting skill to start. Also, the exp cost of reducing your piloting score is also reduced by 1.
- Cons: The Verdent Empire does not like a warrior that does not honor their code. If a player goes through an entire fight without any melee combat, that player will earn 10% less REP and CBill pay for that mission.

Alvador: Alvador is a nation that fights using whatever technological advantages they can muster. The Alvador military will often be seen using C3 tech or even better yet, their specially designed C3i tech. Scouts in the Alvador force are common and are usually first to be killed due to the fact the scouts are forward spotters for other members of the C3 network.
- Tech Benefits: Alvador has developed the C3i technology. Military players working for them or Mercs with enough REP with them will be able to use this technology.
- Pros: Alvador has no special training or other unusual benefits.
- Cons: Due to the fact Alvador puts large amounts of money into their technological research, most jobs taken from them or given to their Military forces will have a smaller CBill pay than other powers.

The Trendian Hierarchy: This power has a severe distaste for war. The only time it ever steps foot on the battlefield is when it needs to defend itself. Although a very defensive nation, it has developed one of the most powerful weapons known amongst the inner sphere. Well, improved would be a better word. Because of the demands of the ArchAngels, this nation was forced into a war effort that took the entire Inner Sphere by surprise.
- Tech Benefits: Military players fighting for this nation, or merc players with enough REP for this nation will gain access to the special Gauss Rifle weapons. The only gauss rifles available to all players are the normal and light versions. The Heavy Gauss and its other variants are controlled by this nation.
- Pros: Gauss Rifles are produced in large quantities within this nation. Military players and mercenaries that have the required REP will gain a discount when buying units that have any form of gauss rifle weapon equipped.
- Cons: This power lacks skill in designing larger autocannons and LRM weapon systems. Due to this, the purchase price of units with the AC/20, LRM 15, or the LRM 20 will have a small increase in price.

Zalindel: Zalindel is a nation that believes that wars dont need to be fought with massive towering machines when a single Battle Armor unit can take down any mech. This nation specializes in the creation of the larger battle armor suits and in the training required to use them. If you see a Zalindel battle armor unit, you can be certain that the men in those suits are very well trained.
- Tech Benefits: Zalindel military players and mercenaries with enough REP gain access to Medium and Heavy Battle Armor.
- Pros: Zalindel spends large amounts of time training their Battle Armor units. Military players working for this nation have all of their Battle Armor pilots start out with 1 less gunnery and piloting. Also, the cost of reducing these skills is reduced by 1 exp.
- Cons: Zalindel pilots are comfortable in a mechs and Battle Armor, but their Combat Vehicle drivers are lacking in skill. The cost of reducing a skill for a combat vehicle pilot for any Zalindel military player is increased by 1.

Exzerius, The Merchant Power: This Inner Sphere nation is known for its contact with Mercenaries for fighting its battles. Having no standing military, their entire defensive force is comprised of these mercenary forces. However, they still do continue with military research and have developed interesting military weaponry.
- Tech Benefits: Mercenaries who gain enough REP with Exzerius gain access to the MRM missile system.
- Pros: After a battle, players can sacrifice all rights to their salvage (if any), to gain an increase in pay relative to what is there. This is because the nation is giving the player a cut for the scrap they collect from the battle.
- Cons: No one can play as a military player for Exzerius. The only way to gain access to MRMs is to gain REP with this nation.

Strian Alliance: The Strian Alliance is actually just a combined force of planets that work together to protect their area of space. Their gov't is usually distraught and having problems and their economy tends to suffer. However, they are quick to react to incoming threats and do their best to keep the people within their borders safe.
- Tech benefits: Due to the fact their gov't can't get their minds set on one goal, the Strian Alliance has yet to develop any astounding tech.
- Pros: Strian Alliance has acces to a large number of jump ships. Due to this, players that fight for them gain access to these numerous ships. A player fighting for the Strian Alliance may split their force into two groups and take on two different mssion. Note that no one unit can fight on two battles in one week.
- Cons: The Strian Alliance needs all the help it can get keeping its economy afloat. Due to this, they tend to hoard scrap to resell. Players taking on missions for this nation will have no access to salvage.

- - - - -

Mercenary Forces: As a mercenary force, you are free to do whatever it is you see fit. Just note that without gaining at least one really good friend out there, you will be stuk with lack luster missions for most of your life. Mercenary forces heavily rely on gaining REP quickly to gain access to special tech and better missions.
- Tech Benefits: You are a merc. You have no tech beneits. If you want special tech, go buddy up with some super power.
- Pros: As a mercenary, you have access to a wide variety of options. you can take on missions with any power that has a CAUTIOUS or better stance with you. Also, taking on a mission with a power that has a FRIENDLY stance with you nets you a 10% increase in pay. A tip if you must have a reason.
- Cons: Being a mercenary, you don't have access to top of the line factories and have to buy things through other means. The price of all units you buy is increased by 5% until you gain a contact with a nation. When that happens, you follow rules for that nation when buying.

- - - - -

ArchAngels: You are an Arch Angel. All of your missions involve just causing damage. You have no interest in peace and will never look for it. In fact, you prefer to destroy any hopes of it and prolong this war as long as possible.
- Tech Benefits: As an ArchAngel player, the only way for you to gain any of the special techs is to take on a very difficult string of missions known as Tech Raids. you may only take on these missions once you've earned enough REP.
- Pros: As long as you are causing destruction, your superiors are happy. However, utterly destroying your enemies makes your commanders proud. For every enemy unit you utterly destroy during a mission, you gain a 5% pay raise and REP increase.
- Cons: Much like mercenaries, you have to purchase units through other means. All units you purchase have an increased CBill cost of 5%. However, being an ArchAngel member means there is no possibility of gaining a contact with a nation.

- - - - -


Building Restrictions For Your Force:
- You may only purchase Battle Armor, Combat Vehicles (tanks and VTOLs), and Mechs. No other units may be purchased.
- You may purchase a unit as long as it follows the above guidelines and does not have a special tech on it that you do not have access to.
- No custom units are allowed. Sorry. I don't want to get into that complicated mess over the internet. If this was a pen and paper game I was running, I would allow it.

Exp: Experience is simple. It is what you gain by fighting and when doing so, you then use that experience to increase the skills of your pilots. Note that increasing their skills will increase their salary (see below)
GAINING EXP: You gain exp for any of the following reason:
Any unit that survives a mission and did not retreat: 2 exp
Any unit that survives a mission but left the battlefield: 1 exp
Winning the mission: 1 exp for all of your units
Obtaining A Kill: 1 exp per kill
- Killing an Elite Pilot (3/3 or 2/2): An additional 1 exp
- Killing an Ace Pilot (1/1 or 0/0): An additional 2 exp
Destroying an Objective: 1 exp
SPENDING EXP: You may spend exp that you have gained to reduce the skill value of a pilot. Note all pilots (except your personal pilot) start as a 4/5.
Reduce a 5 skill value to a 4: 3 exp
Reduce a 4 skill value to a 3: 5 exp
Reduce a 3 skill value to a 2: 8 exp
Reduce a 2 skill value to a 1: 12 exp
Reduce a 1 skill value to a 0: 18 exp

By doing missions, you gain and lose reputation with certain powers. By doing this, you alter your stance with them which effects what you can do with these powers and how they act towards you personally.
Gaining/Losing REP:
Completing a Mission: +10 for that power, +5 for all his allies, -10 for the enemy power, -5 for all the enemy's allies
Failing a Mission: -5 for the mission giver and -10 for the enemy power.
Stance: A power's stance towards you depicts how they treat you.
HOSTILE (-50): This power is hostile towards you. They will not offer you any missions and they will try to completely kill your units during battle.
CAUTIOUS (-25): This power is cautious towards you. You may accept missions from this power at a 20% decrease in pay.
NEUTRAL (0): This power is neutral about you. No specials.
FRIENDLY (25): This power is friendly towards you. They may present you with special mission available only to you. Also, you may gain a contact with them if you wish, negating your 5% purchase penalty (if you are a merc unit).
RESPECTED (50): This power respects your presence. They may present you with special missions available only to you. You also gain a 10% increase in pay when completing their normal missions. Last but not least, you may gain a contact with them if you wish, negating your 5% purchase penalty (if you are a merc unit).
NOTE: An ArchAngel player always has a HOSTILE stance from all IS powers. A military player always has a RESPECTED stance with his commanding power and a FRIENDLY stance with all his commanding powers allies. His commanding powers enemies always are HOSTILE towards you (these rules only apply at the start of the campaign for military units).

Force Upkeep
After a battle, you must pay salaries to all your pilots and repair your units.
SALARIES: Salary calculation is simple. Add a pilots two skill values together and subtract that nmber from 10. Now multiply that number by 10,000 and you have that pilots pay on a two week basis.
REPAIRS: After a battle, repairs are calculated based on the damage you suffered.
NO DAMAGE: No repair costs. DUH!
MINIMAL DAMAGE: You took damage but your health bar for external armor was still green. This concurs a repair bill equal to 5% of the original price of the unit.
MODERATE DAMAGE: The external armor health bar was yellow by the end of the fight. This concurs a repair bill equal to 10% of the original price of the unit.
HEAVY DAMAGE: Your mech took a serious beating and lost a part of two that last fight. This concurs a repair bill equal to 15% of the original price of the unit.
SEVERE DAMAGE: Your unit was rendered useless. At the end of the fight, your unit is in the graveyard, but stil salvageable. This concurs a repair bill equal to 25% of the original price of the unit.

- - - - -

Due to technological difficulties with my internet service, it is nearly impossible for me to perform router forwarding. Due to this, when handling missions, I will be connecting to you as players. This means, if you do not know how to forward a router, I would not suggest joining this campaign. Now, if I can get my problem fixed or someone donates me a server per se, I will be able to let anyone into my campaign no problems asked.

Now then. If there are any questions, feel free to ask me.

EDIT/May 7 2012: I have located a possible server that will be open on a constant basis most likely. However, this is an open server so it may not always be available to me/us so it would still be best if you as players had the capability to create your own server for me to join as well.

EDIT/May 16 2012: The starting C-Bills for each player to buy their entire force is 60 Million. Also, most battles will be relative BV, but some battles can be fought blind and those battles have a better payout due to the risk factor involved.

Sounds ok. Who does the book keeping?
If you do it then I am game to try it.
I can host but I get complaints from players who drop from my connections.
I know of at least 2 megamek servers out there that are always on.

(05-10-2012, 10:04 PM)Mekslayer link Wrote:Sounds ok. Who does the book keeping?
If you do it then I am game to try it.
I can host but I get complaints from players who drop from my connections.
I know of at least 2 megamek servers out there that are always on.


I ill do all the bookkeeping. You will not have to worry about that. As for those MegaMek servers, may I have their numbers and such so hat I may check them out. If we can use them then that will be so helpful. Also, recruit more players if you can. The more people we have, the better off we will be when it comes time to play. It allows for more interest and involvement with the story.
OK I can give one of them publicly as its been posted...

the other one is not public so I would need to give it to you via personal conversation. Do you have an IM like AIM , YIM, MSN, gooogle chat, etc?
I could show it to you that way.

Find me via IM.


(05-12-2012, 07:53 PM)Mekslayer link Wrote:OK I can give one of them publicly as its been posted...

the other one is not public so I would need to give it to you via personal conversation. Do you have an IM like AIM , YIM, MSN, gooogle chat, etc?
I could show it to you that way.

Find me via IM.


I have a skype. Ill email/IM it to you later. Me and you will have to get together and work on your army sometime soon. even if we dont get you started, Id like to get the info logged. And I still need to find more players anyhow. Ha ha ha. Thats the hardest part.
I dont normally use skype... but I do occasionally get on Team Speak.

But IM or email is both good. I can get on skype if it is something scheduled.

Cool. I have IMed you. As I said in the IM, hopefully we can get your unit made soon. I still hope we also get some more players to join us as well soon, but yeah. That will just have to happen as stuff comes along I guess.
Almovar Mission List:

The Hunt:
Mission Type: Search And Destroy
Information: A bandit group has been attacking convoys as they travel through the mountains north of our capital. They are using mainly stolen Armor. Destroy them for us and we will pay you nicely.
Pay: 15,000000 C-Bills
Bonuses: Every Disabled Unit earns you an additional 2 REP and 2,000,000 C-Bills. Note. This is disabled, not destroyed. (Disable units by making them surrender. Immobilizing is the best method against Armor)

Fire Hawx
Mission Type: Sparring Combat
Information: The Fire Hawx is an elite unit within our ranks. They have wanted to test out the new military unit that has begun to work for us. This battle will have no repair bills or wages due.
Pay: 0 C-Bills
Bonuses: This mission grants no negative REP under any circumstances. Also, it grants +5 REP with Almovar even on a fail, but a +15 REP on a success.

Over The Hills
Mission Type: Escort
Information: We are sending a supply convoy through the hilly area just north of our secondary supply base. Due to recent enemy activity in the area, we ask that you escort these people through these hills and help them reach their destination. Mission succeeds if at least 5 of the 8 convoys survive.
Pay: 8,500,000 C-Bills
Bonuses: This mission will give you an extra 1,500,000 C-Bills if all convoy units survive.
I like the hunt as it seems to pay best. What about salvage?
Is this still open for more players?  I have been playing Battletech for quite some time, but I am still quite new to MegaMek.  This campaign sounds interesting and I would like to give it a try if you have room.
I'd be interested as well.  I've played on the Mekwars servers for a long time but I'm looking for a bit more than just the smash battles.  Interested in something with objectives.
Im newer to the whole campaign style gameplay but if this game is still played i would DEFINATLY want to try it out

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