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Unit Lists & Bots
Hi all,

I know how to save unit lists etc but how to I Load a unit list to a bot?

Okay lets see if I can explain this and not mix anything up Tongue

So you should have a .mul file you already created for the bot.
So here are the steps.
1. Create a game without putting a bot in.
2. Start another MegaMek game and click on the "Connect as a Computer Player..."
3. Hopefully you can connect to your own game on localhost or to whatever server you are using since your other client is already there (the one you are going to play from)
4. In the bot client you can now load your .mul file and assign the bot a cammo and starting stuff and everything.
5. When you are done then you click "I'm Done" on both clients.
6. Close out the bot client.
7. Use the /replacePlayer botname to replace ghost bot with a real bot. This way you won't have to use a slow bot client that displays all the moves and such.
8. Then hope that the bot doesn't do anything stupid.

Hope that works.
Also, I just noticed that at the end of the match you have to kick the bot in order to get back to the deployment screen without quitting the client and starting it up again.

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