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New NBT-Classic Cycle set in 3085
NBT-Classic's new megamek league is now up and running. Taking place in 3085. Feel free to take a look at

And the forums (specificly the NBT-Classic development forum)

More in-depth information for those who may have played before or are completely unfamiliar.

NBT Utilizes a web based autmaton to track your units, planets, economy, jump ships (to launch battles) and so forth. There is quite a bit of a learning curve that seems daunting at first but we do have experienced players who will gladly help and walk you through the first steps after which things become much more clear how they work.

Games are scheduled through the forums and played through megamek (you can download our prepacked client from the forums).

Larger factions have been split up to individual marchs/provencies/military districts to open the faction and logostical control to more players (as well as reduce quite a bit of upkeep work required if one player ran every planet in a faction like the fed suns)

Many factions are still available for startup or if you just want to be a pilot join one of the already active factions. If your concearned about the learning curve we have set up the republic of the sphere as sort of a clearing house to help players who want to get their feet wet or to just play games.

Feel free to send me an email or private message here if you have any other questions.

My email is

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