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The case for LAMs
(11-23-2014, 11:44 AM)Hammer link Wrote: They've always said they would be in Alternate Eras, so in IO proper.  If you want to see a first draft of them you can get them here:

Lynn Minmay called... she wants her Veritech Fighters back!  8)

Seriously, if they never ever ever get released... I will be conficted  :-\
I spent hundreds of hours exploring Palladiums RoboTech universe.

But I've spent 10 thousand hours fighting in the Inner Sphere.
I did not notice an anti-necro-posting stickies, so...

LAM's are utterly absurd! They would be insanely expensive hangar queens, and only a very few pilots would be able to make use of them. By the time of even the 2nd Succession war they would be insanely rare due to battle damage and basic breakdowns caused by their high complexity. They would be "meh" fighters and "meh" 'Mechs since so much weight must be sacrificed for conversion equipment.

That being said, they are SO MUCH FUN to play... If the rules for LAMs never make it into MegaMek, I will not be disappointed, but if they do make it, I may actually dance a little jig Smile
Quote:neoancient Updated history.txt and MegaMek.jar for LAM feature.

Could there be hope?
You might want to look through this thread -
(08-24-2017, 11:35 PM)Hammer Wrote: You might want to look through this thread -

Thank-you, you magnificent MegaMek Bastards!

[Image: Stickman-Dancing-DToth.gif~c200]

Now I'm curious. Do you have a projected release date for the version of MegaMek with LAMs? You may have posted it, but I missed it.

Thank-you again for this exceptional product.

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