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Would anyone be interested in a Solaris VII
Got an idea running through my head about having a general Solaris VII campaign with leaderboards.  Everyone would build their own mechs with no limiting factors other than rules and price.  Thinking about 4 different "classes", though I'll probably change the names: Cheap, Low end, High end, and Unlimited class.  Each player would have one of each to build and put in his stable.  If people are interested, I'll polish up the ideas, but if not there's no bother in even doing that.
Sounds interesting. I don't normally play Solaris so I'm willing to give it a try for variety sake.
I've got the main thread going on over at
so hey is this dead already?

I've got a few people interested in it over at the other forum.  Probably going to start soon.
Seems, unless you post something or at least give a deadline for mech designs, nothin's gonna happen.
I would send mine by email, before your deadline, if this ever happens.

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