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Merc Campain Set in the early 3000s
Oh and can my Company Name be "Thor's Hammers" or "Mjolnir Company" based on however y'all want the names to flow?
Two Quads in the list on the RAT, Both are House Liao designs(in this campain).  Scorpion 1O and Goliath 1H. 

And I'll take a BMaster 1G over a Banshee anyday.  A Small Laser should never be on an assault mech.  At least an MG is effective against Inf. Smile

Truthfully I have nothing but love for the Urbies, when they are doing there job defending a city.  For a Merc though, they are a 30 ton paper weight taking a spot in my dropship taking up a spot I could put a Panther or Wolfhound in.  Smile
I believe that I can refer to you as the Mjolnir Company in my TO&E

Of course, you realize that you'll get all the assault missions now, right?  You know, all the tough nuts that need cracking... the missions that we project high casualties...

I mean, you choose an ostentatious name, you gotta pay the price...
Wouldn't have it any other way, so long as everyone knows it will be a high attrition unit!  Wink  So sort of an Assault Support Company?  Sort of like Wolf's Dragoons Zeta Battalion?
As I promised here is the list of avalible Mechs. Sorry for the length of this post, and I miss calculated earlier its 70 Mechs.  I've split mechs between the 5 Great Houses.  Periphery relms will use the tables closest to them.  Starting Mechs and Mercs will use a combo of the different Houses.

  • THE-S Thorn(Davion)
  • STG-3R Stinger(Davion)
  • WLF-1 Wolfhound(Davion)
  • JR7-D Jenner(Kurita)
  • PNT-9R Panther(Kurita)
  • MON-67 Mongoose(Kurita)
  • LCT-1V Locust(Liao)
  • SDR-5V Spider(Liao)
  • UM-R60 UrbanMech(Liao)
  • WSP-1A Wasp(Marik)
  • VLK-QA Valkyrie(Marik)
  • HER-1A Hermes(Marik)
  • COM-2D Commando(Steiner)
  • JVN-10N Javelin(Steiner)
  • FS9-A Firestarter(Steiner)

  • ENF-4R Enforcer(Davion)
  • SHD-2H Shadow Hawk(Davion)
  • DV-6M Dervish(Davion)
  • HCT-3F Hatchetman(Davion)
  • KTO-20 Kintaro(Davion)
  • WVR-6R Wolverine(Kurita)
  • ASN-21 Assassin(Kurita)
  • PXH-1 Phoenix Hawk(Kurita)
  • WVE-6N Wyvern(Kurita)
  • GLD-2R Gladiator(Kurita)
  • CDA-2A Cicada(Liao)
  • VND-1R Vindicator(Liao)
  • WTH-1 Whitworth(Liao)
  • CLNT-2-3T Clint(Liao)
  • SCP-1N Scorpion(Liao)
  • HER-2S Hermes II(Marik)
  • VL-2T Vulcan(Marik)
  • CN9-A Centurion(Marik)
  • STN-3K Sentinel(Marik)
  • ICR-1S Icarus II(Marik)
  • HBK-4G Hunchback(Steiner)
  • GRF-1N Griffin(Steiner)
  • TBT-5N Trebuchet(Steiner)
  • BJ-1 Blackjack(Steiner)
  • CRB-20 Crab(Steiner)

  • CRD-3D Crusader(Davion)
  • JM6-S JagerMech(Davion)
  • WHM-6R Warhammer(Davion)
  • HMH-3D Hammerhands(Davion)
  • MAD-3R Marauder(Kurita)
  • DRG-1N Dragon(Kurita)
  • BMB-10D Bombardier(Kurita)
  • VON 4RH-5 Von Rohrs(Kurita)
  • CPLT-C1 Catapult(Liao)
  • GHR-55H Grasshopper(Liao)
  • CTF-1X Cataphract(Liao)
  • KSC-3I Koschei(Liao)
  • QKD-4G Quickdraw(Marik)
  • ON1-K Orion(Marik)
  • BL-7-KNT Black Knight(Marik)
  • CHP-2N Champion(Marik)
  • RFL-3N Rifleman(Steiner)
  • ARC-2R Archer(Steiner)
  • TDR-5S Thunderbolt(Steiner)
  • CRS-6B Crossbow(Steiner)

  • BLR-1G BattleMaster(Davion)
  • VTR-9B Victor(Davion)
  • AWS-8Q Awesome(Kurita)
  • MAD-4A Marauder II(Kurita)
  • GOL-1H Goliath(Liao)
  • CP-10-Z Cyclops(Liao)
  • LGB-7Q Longbow(Marik)
  • BNC-3E Banshee(Marik)
  • ZEU-6S Zeus(Steiner)
  • AS7-D Atlas(Steiner)

So as the assault support company, I get the longbow, catapult, and archer right?   Wink. Grasshopper and T-bolt as well?  Goliath and scorpion?  ;D

We may have to share some of those...

maybe fight a sim battle for controls of assaults?


Lol you may need to work it out with Epic, he has designs on making my company some sort of nutcracker force!  In all reality, I'm happy with whatever mech mix-up I get, perfectly willing to leave it up to my commanders.
I should probably also mention that I have difficulty rolling 6s to prevent a fall on megamek (say from 20+ damage or gyro hit) . . . just FYI . . . so I fall down a lot . . .  :'(
This sounds pretty interesting - I'd love to try being a lance commander, but I'm pretty green.  I've only played against the bot and would need some coaching on how to connect in a multiplayer game.  My availability will also vary - for example I'm not available any Wednesdays.  I'm always up for PBEM if that's an option. 

Still have a slot open?
was gonna ask if there is still a spot for a recon lance commander...gimme dat LCT, WSP, WLK, and JVN Wink

oh and if Silmeril is who I think he is. I might know him. maybe...
As an FYI, just got done with Epic on giving him the list of units.  He should have info for everyone soon.
kuitiitijin, dirtnap, as lance commanders, think we can spare an opening. 

The recon lance you might have to report to one of the company commanders already built, dirtnap.  So, I'll throw that out there to the other players.
Meanwhile, kuitiitijin , I have an extra lance attached my HQ unit.  So, you'd be able to play that if you want.  It'll probably be mediums/lights. 

here's the exact breakdown of numbers:
56 mechs, of which 2 are assault, 10 heavy, 22 medium, and 22 light.  We've got 10 aerospace fighters,
some combat and recon vtols, a couple scout hover tanks, and a company of mechanized infantry. 
There's also a reinforced company of jump anti-mech infantry.
We also have artillery - 2 Thumpers... and the Long Tom attached to our FORTRESS CLASS dropship. 

In fact, we have sufficient transport dropships - and jumpship-  for all of our units, and about 10k worth of cargo space for our booty... errrr... supplies. 

The operational plan is to have a reinforced mech battalion as our armoured fist, vtols for recon and skirmishing.  The scout tanks are additional eyes and picket duty.  The mechanized infantry is mostly for security, the jump infantry for commando ops and city fighting.  With the Fortress class dropship, we have a reliable base to return to, no matter where we go. 

Obviously, we do not have an extremely heavy force.  1 of the 2 assault mechs is my beloved Banshee, so I am claiming that.  So, we need to make sure to take out some salvage that will increase our weight where possible. 

I have desired make ups for a few of your companies/lances - mekslayer wants as many heavies as possible, hrerek wants fire support with shadow hawks and whitworths (though I'll still give him the assault missions... Smile ), netzilla a balanced company as much as possible.  Any last requests while I set this up?
anyone want to replace their recon lance of mechs with 2 vtols and 2 scout tanks?  That would give dirtnap his recon lance as an independent recon unit, and thus, reporting outside of the command chain...

Also, don't worry folks, I'm not keeping the heavies for myself (other than the banshee)

What I will be doing tonight is generating all the pilots with their machines.  As this is 3000, the machines are mostly owned by their pilots, so transfering the mech also transfers the pilot.

However, we should have a good skill mix.  A very good skill mix (I sprung for lots of xp)...

Once the companies are formed for you all, you'll still have a chance to edit them.  First, I'll post the companies and I'll be building them as fairly as possible, trying to give you all some goodies, while aiming for what you asked.

Second, your commander will be randomly assigned a mech, BUT, as per KT's post earlier, you'll be able to swap him over to whatever mech is in your company to start with.  So, yeah, he may be in the Stinger randomly, and maybe you have a Warhammer and want him in that, just tell me, and the swap happens.  That's the only personnel swap allowed, however.

You can, however, swap out your mechs in your company.  Don't like how I've arranged it?  Just tell me.  Want the Commando with your heavies, and the Dragon in your recon lance?  Okay... but I expect results, darn it. 

Also, as per KT, you can offer to trade with the other players for units/mechs that you want.  However, they are under no obligation to do so.  I don't want to see pressure tactics either (but.... but that T-bolt would go so WELL with my warhammer!  Why don't you take my urbie, and we''ll call it even?).  The pilot also goes with the machine, so you might get a great mech... and a cruddy pilot.  Or vice versa.

Pay attention to your pilot's Tactics skill.  Whoever has the highest Tactics skill to begin with in each lance not commanded by your commander will be the lance commander.  So, trading off personnel even with a good mech may be to your advantage, because otherwise a lance may not have an initiative bonus!  This may, in fact, be a good reason to give away good stuff to another player so that you can get a better tactician!  Your commander may - or may not - have a good tactics skill to begin with. 

While we still have a bit of time before play begins, please be warned; you MUST let me know if you are using specialty ammo, such as flak or inferno.  I'll want to pre-load it, to account for supplies. 
Actually that sounds like a good company mix for a battalion.  I don't think I'd mind using the vtols and scout tanks as spotters for fire support (given enough LRMs, lol).  And I thought there were 70 mechs . . .
FYI, we will be using the Individual Inititive Rule.  Tactics is a big deal.  Op For will not have Tactics bonus(unless i'm doing a "Boss Fight").  So Tactics will be the big advantage for your merc.
Sorry hrerek, I guess I screewed that up.  There are 70 possible mechs, as in my RATs use those mechs.  I didn't know until today how many mechs would be in the Unit.  Sorry for the mis-comunications.
(09-15-2012, 05:22 PM)Epic link Wrote: anyone want to replace their recon lance of mechs with 2 vtols and 2 scout tanks?  That would give dirtnap his recon lance as an independent recon unit, and thus, reporting outside of the command chain...

I can work with a vtol/hover recon lance.

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