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Role Play -Stories?
Question for the players

Do any of you Role Play then convert that to stories fit for others to read?

Let me put it another way. Those of us playing MekHQ are doing so for the campaign. This is fun. I dont eat much bread, so for me its actually better than sliced bread (lol).

I started a campaign based off my MW4Mercs online persona "Vettie". I already have a blog where i write about MW4Mercs things (such as developments by MekTek (I was in the Beta for a few of the mekpaks) and the NBT league and blah blah). I enjoy converting what happened in the games to stories.

I was thinking of doing something similar for 'my campaign' in MekHQ. Start a unit, then follow it in story form as it grows (hopefully) and detail some of the battles, well you get the idea.

Anyone else doing this? Anyone else interested?
Some of us might be doing it, but some of us might also be embarrassed putting something as personal as a fictional story out into public. I know there are certain things I've created that I wouldn't want anyone to know, except the few friends I personally know.

So I guess my answer is maybe. I'll think about it. Smile However I know tons of people who would love to talk about after action reports. Making them into a story might be a bit harder.
LOL nothing to be ashamed of, its a game and games are for fun, so we are having fun.

I just wondered if anyone was else was doing something similar.

I enjoy writing and I love MechWarrior (Battletech) so for me it was/is a great combo.

Back when NBT league used MW4Mercs (prior to their 'Hardcore') I was a team leader and part of the deal having a team was that you had to role player your 'adventures' about what you were about to do, i.e. launch a Planetary Assault, do some Factory Raids, Factory Destruction, Mech Thefts and well whatever you were going to do or were in the process of doing.

We were pirates, so we had many adventures and stories. It was great. Putting down in a story form was just another challenge.

If I can find one of my older ones, I will post it.

edit: Just noticed your sig. I am part owner of a music store and we have a sign that says
"Free air guitar with any purchase...while supplies last"  LOL. You would be surprised at the number of strings I have sold just so people can get a free 'air guitar'. We put an "empty" rack near the front with the sign so it 'looks' like we have stock...LOL
heres one of my Favs'

Dawn broke over the landscape. The sun slowly began to rise. The grass was covered with morning dew, so much so it looked like a lake reflecting the sunlight back to the sky. The guard tower was nestled in the side of hill giving it a spectacular view of nature’s beauty only blocked in the distance by a ridge of mountains.

Just to the other side of the mountain ridge, two lances of battlemechs were forming up preparing to do battle for the base that is suspected of housing the pirate troop known as the Blood Pearls.

Sgt. Arista was on guard duty in the tower. He was patched into the base’s sensors and vid cams allowing him readouts and visuals to any area within 2000 meters of the base. Movement sensors were showing all normal currently. Visuals were clear as well.

The Lyran Lance Leaders were both driving Black Knights for the electronic packages installed. The basic plan was to cross the mountain ridge and split into separate lances, one going right and the other going left. Other than the two Black Knights, the rest of the warriors would run in passive mode to avoid detection as long as possible. Each Lance consisted of a Black Knight and three Thanatos.

The sergeant had a feeling that something was in the air other than the morning coolness. He ran diagnostics on each of the systems and then initiated deep scans in hopes of losing this feeling he had or, if there was something out there, picking it up in time to respond. He picked up his transmitter and radioed base.

“Guard Dog to big house, the yard is empty,” reported Arista.
“Roger Guard Dog, almost time for your walk,” was the response.

Still not satisfied, Sgt. Arista picked up his field binoculars and manually started scanning the mountain ridges for any signs of life. Starting on his far left and slowly sweeping to his right, he stopped suddenly near the end of his sweep. Tweaking the binoculars and trying to zoom in as much as possible, the sarge felt the blood began to flow through his body as a tingling came over him. He spotted what looked like a tree breaking just to the top of ridgeline about 2500 meters from his tower. He strained to see but now there was nothing out of the ordinary. To be sure, he turned on some motion sensors that were rarely used in the mountain range because of the wildlife in the area.

“Damnit Black-Two, be careful and watch out for trees. A Tree break can be seen for thousands of meters. We need to get real close WITHOUT being seen!”
“Sorry, boss, I..”
“Maintain radio silence Black Lance!”

Sgt. Arista was sure he had seen a tree break even though the sensors were not picking anything up. “Guard Dog to big house, I need some bloodhounds to look for a fox.”
“Guard Dog, have you seen the fox?”
“No big house”
“Then why do you need the hounds?”
“The fox might have broke a branch”
“Did you or do you have a picture, guard dog?”
“Get a picture or lay your eyes on the fox, then call for the hounds.”
The sergeant was getting pissed. He was sure he had seen a tree break on the ridge. The sensors showed nothing, but did not always pick up things in that area. The base refused to send a recon lance to search for whatever was out there until the sensor showed something or until the Sergeant spotted something himself.

As quickly as possible, trying very hard to avoid trees and staying under cover, Black Lance was making their way along the ridgeline just north of the base. Green Lance was doing the same heading south. With any luck, they would be at the base within minutes, hopefully to capture the pirates while they slept.

Continuing to manually scan the area, Arista again stopped almost due north. This time he took a picture as a tree broke just below the top of the ridgeline. The slight morning fog kept him from seeing what broke the tree, but he did see the tree break. “Guard dog has seen the fox. Request bloodhounds!” he shouted over comms.
“What is it now Arista?”
“Sir, I saw a tree break about 2 clicks from my tower, due north. Sending the vid to you now. The morning fog has kept me from seeing the cause, but there is definitely a tree break on the vid.”
“Roger, guard dog, confirm tree break, sending four big bloodhounds your way. Rover 1 will be your contact. Continue to observe and advise.”
“Roger, big house, will do, tell Rover 1 to hurry.”
“Heard your request guard dog, will be there soon, Rover 1 out.”

Black Lance had come to a complete stop after breaking a few more trees. They did not want to be seen. SOP would be for them to hold position for 5 minutes, scan the area, then resume if the scans were negative.

Rover 1 had made it to the tower where Sgt. Arista was on duty. Rover 1 was the call sign given to the 1st of 4 Bushwackers assigned to the ‘Bloodhound’ Lance. Their basic job was to investigate possible sightings that were just outside base perimeters. Bushwackers were used because of multiple factors; they had a good weapons load out, they were fast and they were tough as nails. A Bushy, as they were called by pilots, could stand up to a lot of fire power from mechs much bigger and live to tell about it later. The rest of Rover Lance was now at the tower awaiting instructions from Rover 1.

“Guard Dog, this is Rover 1. you need us to sniff out something for you?”
“Roger that Rover 1. Vid shows some serious tree breaks due north just beyond the big house perimeter.”
“Roger Guard Dog, Rover will go check it out. Keep this frequency open and we will report back to you with our findings. Rover Lance let move out, form on me.” Rover lance went into a line abreast formation with about 10 meters between each mech. They seemed in no hurry as they made their way through the grass field towards the ridgeline.

“Well, they are sure to send out a scout party Black Lance. We need to take up positions behind this ridgeline and be prepared to start this party a little early.”
“Roger Black Leader.”

“Commander Vettie? Sorry to wake you sir, but you did say let you know if we got visitors. Commander Vettie? Sir?”
“Yeah, what is it?”
“Sir, you said to wake you if we got vis……”
“Who’s here? Where are they? How many? Did you wake the rest of the Blood Pearls?”
“No Sir. You were the first one I tried to wake, sir I can…”
“I’ll do it. These guys are likely to blow you away just for touching them. How many bad guys are out there?”
“Commander, we don’t know. We have sent a scouting party north of base to investigate a possible.”
“Alright. Have you notified your base commander?”
“No Sir, you were the first Commander.”
“Better let him know. I am sure that the Lyrans will be after us. They wont be real happy with anyone that is friendly to The Blood Pearls, especially after we stole their new prototype assault mech in broad daylight.” With that, I began to sound the alarm for The Blood Pearls to be ready to go. Our drop ship was just south of the base in a heavy wooded area. We could make it there and be on our way in just about an hour.

“Green Lance this is Green 1. We are parallel to the Taurian Base. Black Lance has had some trouble, but seem to have made it undetected. Green 2 and 3, ready your Long Toms and smoke. We are gonna bombard that base and get our damn mech back. If you see any of the Blood Pearls, their equipment, men or mechs, do not hesitate to blow it away. I would like to take Vettie back to stand trial, but taking him back dead is better.”
“Roger Green 1, Smoke and Long Toms ready.”

“Black 1 this is Black 3. I got Bushwackers 1000 out and closing. Looks to be 4.”
“Black Lance, this is Black 1, passive radar please. Black 4, you and I will ready jump jets for sniper fire. We wanna try to take out the leader, concentrate on the middle mech, shoot for his cockpit.”

“Rover Lance this is Rover 1. Closing in on the foxhole keeps your eyes open and radar pinging. Just up that ridgeline is where the action was. Let head up there, follow me…”

“Green Lance, fire on my command. Ready…..Ready…”

“Now Black 4 jump jets and fire he is the lead mech in formation. Rip that cockpit out!”

“Fire Green lance FIRE!!!”

“This is Rover 1, I thin………”

“Holy CRAP!!! What was that sir?”
“Sounds like long toms hitting the base. Inform you commander that The Blood Pearls enjoyed the hospitality, but we will be leaving before breakfast. Tell him he can send me the bill for damages.”
“Yes, sir, Vettie, I will”

Black Lance had managed to ambush Rover Lance killing 3 of the 4 Bushwackers in just seconds. Those Black Knights and Thanatos were deadly accurate in cockpit shots. The mechs had barely any damage, but the cockpits were fried. The forth Rover was totally destroyed as he tried to return fire on the uninvited guests. All of Black Lance made through with very little damage and were now heading right towards Guard Dog’s outpost.

At the same time, Green Lance opened up fire with smoke to cover their advance and long toms to clear the way of any ground personnel. Three Thanatos and a Black Knight jumping the wall of the base at the same time is a fearsome sight.

Vettie and The Blood Pearls had mounted up and headed out the south gate as Green Lance came over the east wall. The smoke from Green Lance actually aided the pirates as they scrambled southward towards their drop ship with their booty they lifted from the Lyrans.

Guard Dog was on Comms screaming for help from the base as Black Lance closed on his position. Remembering one of the articles he read during his many months of training, he recalled that the field north of the base was an electronic minefield. To work, it only had to be activated. Anything weighing over 35 tons would set off an explosive charge strong enough to rip the leg from an Atlas, if it stepped on a mine. Quickly he logged into the security comms and searched for the activation sequence for the minefield. Black Lance was closing fast and was now starting to fire on the tower. The computer controlled laser turret automatically began to return fire.

Guard Dog found the activation module. He entered the security code and confirmed the activation. The mine field was now active, Guard Dog just need those Heavy Lyrans Mechs to step on a mine or two.

“Green lance Spread out and use your cameras to locate our property, destroy anything that tries to stop you!” Those huge Thanatos began stomping around the small Taurian Base blowing up buildings and looking for their Marauder II.

The Leader of Black Lance saw the large pulse laser on the guard tower and fire a volley of Light Gauss rounds and a PPC ripping the laser from the building in 1 easy shot. He gave the order not to kill the guard but to keep going to the base. Black Lance began to spread out putting a bit of distance between them. Just as Black 4 stepped forward the left leg of the massive Thanatos was torn completely off by a blast from below.
“Mines!!! Damnit!!! Kill that Sob. in the guard shack!!! Black 4 are you ok? Careful Black 3, ah sht….! Black 3 had also found a mine. As he stepped down on it, the blast form the mine disrupted his mech enough that he lost balance and fell to his left. The fall landed him face first on another mine that blew the cockpit out of the back of the mech. Black 1 turned in place in fired an alpha right into the guard tower. Stories have it that when a PPC blast hit human skin, the human never knew what hit them. Guard Dog knew as he watched the mech turn and fire. He knew…
“This is Black 2, I got a medium pulse laser I can fire in rows in front of us and clear us a way to the base”
“Fire away Black 2, fire away.”
Black 2 did exactly that. Using his pulse laser as a detonator, he fired a few meters in front of their mechs as the crept their way to the Taurian base.
“Green 1 this is Black 1”
“Go ahead Black 1”
“We’ll be there soon. I lost 2 Thannies, with 1 dead. We ran into a minefield. We are clearing a path to the base. We took out 4 Bushwackers.”
“Roger Black 1, no hurry. Vettie and The Blood Pearls are not on this base. Neither is our Marauder II!”
“But I thought..”
“Oh they WERE here, but they made it out before we got here.”
“And the Taurians?”
“I think the base commander is a friend of Vettie’s. I don’t think the Taurians had anything to do with helping those damn pirates, I think just the base commander here gave the orders.”
“What you gonna do Green 1?”
“I am going to take him into custody and let our boss deal with the politics. When you get here we can form up and head back the way Green Lance came in, its clear.”
“Roger Green 1 be there in a bit. Still blowing mines.”

“Lt. Please Raise Triple X of the Taurian Concordat. I think The Blood Pearls are gonna owe TC some serious cash and we need to let them know, the Lyrans have taken Sir Paul under arrest for helping pirates”
“Yes sir Vettie. On your secure channel. Good to hear you boss”
“Thank you Lt. Always nice to hear your voice. Ah, Triple X, how are you old friend? Long time, huh? Well, let me just ask you how good my credit is with you, see we ran ……”

“The Lyrans lost a top secret proto-type assault class mech based on the heavy class Marauder. On a planet owned by the Lyrans but guarded by Taurians, a small band of pirates walked right in to a heavily guarded secret military testing ground and walked out with this proto-type mech. They did it without firing a shot in broad daylight with the base on full alert. Supposedly, this same set of pirates walked into a nearby Taurian Base and held the Base Commander captive demanding supplies, food and rest or they would kill the base commander in front of his wife and children. Again, supposedly, when two Lyran Lances staged a rescue mission, these same pirates killed 4 Taurian pilots as they tried to mount up in their defensive battlemechs, then managed to take out two of the would be rescuers by using dishonorable tactics like legging and managed again to walk out in broad daylight before the other rescue squads reached the base. How The Blood Pearls came across this data about the secret base and the proto-type mech remains a mystery. This is Horendo Revolver reporting from Lyran Air space for Pirate News Network.” “How’s that Vettie?”
“That should do it for now Horendo. I made a small donation on behalf on the Lyrans in your account. See ya soon my friend.”
“Roger Vettie, thanks for the, WOWWWW! Small donation my Ass!!!”
“Lt. O’Hara, please close that channel. Navigator, take us home. We got an auction to plan.”
“Roger that Vettie.” “Aye, Aye, sir”
I've been writing a story based on my MegaMek gaming. I need to rewrite it to be more interesting, since some of the battles were so simple that the resulting story was pretty short or boring. But, I'll share the beginning of my story, which introduces my campaign without including any of the battles.

The year was 3081. The Word of Blake Jihad ended barely a month prior thanks to Devlin Stone leading the Coalition forces to destroy the forces of the Word of Blake Protectorate and free Terra from the Blakists, or the "Robes" as we called them in a derogatory manner. My name was Steven Lymon. I was just honorably discharged from the Free Worlds League Military (FWLM), and began to contemplate how to spend the rest of my life. Re-enlist? Become an industrial 'Mech pilot? I didn't care to do either.

Life on the front lines was mentally and physically taxing. I was on those front lines fighting the Blakists for almost 5 years as a member of the elite 1st Free World Guards, and I saw enough. The combat itself wasn't the issue; it was the non-stop tension of being on the front lines in a war that had no obvious end. Fortunately, I caught only the last third of that war; I couldn't fathom what it was like for those who survived the over 14 years of its entirety.

Civilian life piloting industrial 'Mechs was my only obvious career choice considering my skills as a MechWarrior. Higher education was hard to come by in this day and age; countless higher learning facilities were destroyed in the equally countless wars between the Successor States. Since I was born and raised in the Free Worlds League (FWL), I was lucky enough to get 12 years of education. However, in many places throughout the Inner Sphere, you were lucky to get even 4 or 5 years of basic education. Due to the lack of higher learning opportunities, I had no worthy skill set outside of 'Mech piloting and being a soldier. That prospect of industrial 'Mech piloting promised a life of boredom at best.

Fortunately, my choice was made easy when my good buddy Jeff Liston talked me into joining a new mercenary unit that he was starting: the Cowboy Crew. Life as a mercenary promised more excitement than piloting industrial 'Mechs, but without the non-stop front line fighting of being in a standing military. I didn't hesitate to accept, which made Jeff glad. We went a long ways back, having met in MechWarrior training at the Allison MechWarrior Institute, then later having seen action together while in the service with the 1st Free World Guards. I'd give my life to save his if needed, and he'd do the same for me. That's how we were.

I nicknamed him "Crazy J," because he had a knack of getting himself into the craziest of combat messes, but he'd always find a way to out think and out shoot the enemy. I called him a tactical genius. He in turn started calling me "Crazy S," because I'd always follow him into those messes. The rest of our unit started calling us the "cowboy crew" because of our maverick antics. The name stuck, and that's where Jeff got the name for his merc unit.

Jeff also convinced two other MechWarriors that we knew from the service to join: a fire support specialist by the name of Kit Chan, and an intel and recon specialist by the name of Michael “Mike” Al-masood.

Kit was a master at the long ranged shot, and he piloted a 'Mech that suited his ability--the BLS-1M Ballista. His favorite configuration carried two Gauss rifles and two ER PPCs, and I'd witnessed him using these weapons with devastating effect. He could destroy or at least badly damage any enemy before the enemy could get close.

Mike excelled at using ECM and other electronics in his 'Mech to counter the advantages of high tech equipment used by the enemy. He was also good at cryptography and otherwise deciphering intel gathered from the enemy.

Jeff cashed in a lot of favors to get us a dropship: a Hamilcar. It was a 4,400 ton beast, with accommodations for 8 'Mechs, 4 fighters, and 61 tons of miscellaneous cargo. However, it was at the end of its service life and was about to be decommissioned; a veritable flying scrap heap. That's why Jeff was able to get it. Still, this dropship became our home. We'd make due.

One of Jeff's contacts mentioned the name of a pilot that we could hire for the dropship: Pierre Teixeira, affectionately nicknamed "Dock." When we found him, he was drunk, asleep in a bar on the planet Remulac. It looked like 24-hour happy hour. I wasn't sure if he had any hours in the Hamilcar class dropship. Heck, I wasn't even sure that we should be hiring him. Jeff insisted. I think he wanted to have faith in his contact's suggestion. I just hoped that Dock wouldn't be drinking while flying. It was bad enough with just our enemies shooting at us; we didn't need our dropship pilot to be also trying to kill us!

Jeff's contact also referred us to a woman by the name of Melissa Bardulla. She knew her way around the transportation bureaucracy, and thus knew the proper ways to get us permission to enter controlled air space space? We hired her as our transportation administrator. She had served with the FWLM in that same capacity, so her conduct fit well with us.

Since Remulac was the home of several dry-docks for warships, it was a gathering ground for techs and pilots, so we were also able to find 5 'Mech techs to join the team, one of whom was a very skilled chief tech by the name of Jack Skene. Everyone called him "Monk." Grease monkey. We would go to them after a fight to get our 'Mechs patched up, but we also hated going to them because they would give us an ear full for every scratch that they found on our 'Mechs. It was a love-hate relationship.

Jeff also insisted in hiring a pair of aero techs, although at the time I didn't understand why. We didn't have any aerospace fighters, and no pilots, either. I guessed he was just thinking ahead.

When we started looking for a human resources administrator and a doctor, one of Jeff's contacts referred us to a brother-sister sibling pair: Takumi Ichikawa and Nanami Ichikawa. We were told that they were young and inexperienced, but that they had skills that we would find useful. Young was right. Nanami was 18, and Doc Taku, as I later started calling him, was 20 at the time. These two were from Pesht in the Draconis Combine, where they were first-hand witnesses to the destruction wrought by the Word of Blake Jihad. In fact, their parents were killed by nuclear weapons used by the Blakists after the Blakists were kicked off of Pesht by the planet's defenders in 3071.

Doc Taku had a brilliant mind for medicine. He had more medical knowledge than many practicing doctors. His only drawback: he wasn't a licensed doctor, and he didn't have much experience, but he assured us that he could do the job. Jeff decided to give him a chance. At the least he wouldn't demand a high pay, and the kid seemed nice enough. Nanami, the younger of the two, was extremely cute and had a way with words. She could convince anyone that she was right, no matter how wrong she was. Part charm, part innocent looks. Whatever it was, Jeff could see the value of having her as our HR admin and negotiator for our contracts. I had no objection to bringing on board an attractive girl.

On the planet Holt, we found a second--this time licensed--doctor, named Fytor Portela. We heard that he was skilled, even though he was fairly new as a doctor. Great, another relatively inexperienced doctor. I sure hoped I didn't get hurt.

Also on Holt, we found a young woman named Cacey Crossman who just loved math, and keeping track of things. Lots of things. Logistics was just her thing, and so Jeff brought her on board as our logistics admin. She did this kind of work previously for her father's construction company. Unfortunately, the company fell on hard times and Cacey decided to find employment elsewhere so that she could support her parents. Companies falling on hard times was universal due to the Word of Blake Jihad, so she hoped to join a mercenary unit--us. She usually wore somewhat large glasses and wasn't too big on dressing up. I wondered what she would look like if she had a make-over. But, I digressed.

Last, but not least, we needed someone to help oversee combat operations. Even though Jeff was the leader of the Cowboy Crew and an excellent tactician and strategist, it was not easy to see the big picture when you were sitting in the cockpit of a 'Mech while under fire. So, we had Nanami search the mercenary networks for someone with experience and a good track record as a battle coordinator. She found someone on the planet Simpson Desert of the FWL: a man named Young-ghil Park. He, too, had recently left the service. He was disgusted with the bureaucracy and politics that went on behind the scenes in the chain of command. Merc work sounded like just the thing he needed. He joined without hesitation.

This crew--this cowboy crew--became my team, my friends, and my family. We were mercs at large.

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