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Starting new Skye Rangers Campaign

The forum I'm running the campaign from is a Mechwarrior Online Unit named the Skye Rangers. 

First make an account/enlist at and join the MFB(mobile field base/fiction) unit.

If you want in join the Skye Rangers and make a character,  please do.  I am fairly new at megamek and mekhq I'm still learning.  I have a DnD Pen N Paper background and am planning on making after action reports on the forum.  Also plan on some RP in the forum.  I have a 10 slot server playing the 0.35.34 dev version on the Megamek site.  So far I got about 1 guys interested and wanting to play and rp.  More details are on the link above.  The time is current date 3050, during the clan invasion, just like in MWO.  To join just the campaign and not Mechwarrior Online you want to join the Sky Rangers as the MFB(Mobile Field Base).  Thanks for your time.

Free Skye!!!!
Couldn't post in that forum. Would be interested.

To join my rp/megamek you need to join the Skye Rangers at and enlist/make an account.  Just say in your app that you want to be in Mobile field base unit (which is the fiction unit.)  And if you wanna play Mechwarrior Online you can sign up for that as well.
Sent in my application to join the site, can't post yet but assume I will be able to soon.  How will the megamek portion of this work out?  Looked at the forum on the Skye Rangers site and it looks pretty neat.
The megamek portion will be played as needed for the rp.  I run a file on MekHQ for every one that wants to play and I can make .mul files of the Skye Rangers forces and make a random or particular OpFor as needed.  The character sheet format is on my forum post.  I've lately been messing with aerospace battles with another Skye Ranger for training.  I have a megamek server rented to play on and can give that info, once you join the Skye Rangers and join my Forum post rp.

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