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Scrounging parts error?
Lets say I have a mech with three damaged heat sinks, and do not have any in storage.
So I go to the acquisitions tab, all three heat sinks are listed.
I scrounge for one, find it, all three heat sinks disappear.  I repair the first heat sink, the other two appear back in the acquisitions tab, but I cannot scrounge for them as I've already searched for them that day.

Is that a bug?

Have you tried using a different tech to acquire the later heatsinks? The issue you are seeing is it is looking at 3 missing heatsinks individually, so when you acquire 1 it looks and sees you have 1 to replace each, but not 3 to replace all.  I have been going to market when I know need multiples and buy them in bulk there first.
there is an issue that depends on which of the 3 heatsinks you purchase and which you repair on the mek. They must be the same actual underlying object as there is an XML tag per item that tracks whether you have already searched once per day.  Best way to deal with this is to purchase the parts through the menu interface for "Marketplace" and "Purchase Parts".  This can also occur for ammunition and other multiples in the same body location.

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