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MekHQ in Android?
Is there a way to use MekHQ with android tablets? I havea program called JBED that says can run some jave but when try with MEKHQ get a error that it is missing Midlet-Name.  Just thought would check if was a way to resolve this or if the program would still be incompatible?  Thanks.
Unfortunately no. It would still need a separate GUI specifically designed for android. Same with MegaMek itself.
Thanks for the quick response, and great aid you have developed.  Guess back to lugging the laptop.  Was kinda hoping it was something simple to get it working.
Just wanted to add:  there are several X servers available for Android.  You could always run MegaMek/MekHQ, etc. on a linux/unix box with your display exported to your Android tablet or phone.  I've also done this with the non-free iSSH on the iPad.  Depending on the window manager you use, it can be a real pain, though.  Definitely don't recommend this for multiplayer!  (it was much more of just a proof-of-concept thing when I tried it--it works, but not well)
I've toyed with the idea of learning Android GUI programming after we get a stable release of MM and MekHQ off the floor, but I've never been much good at GUI design so we'll see.

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