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New Introductory Rules Campaign
The very first post in this thread has pretty much all the rules.  I don't think there's been more than one or two added since then.

However, to Mekslayer, I would recommend updating the first post with any new/updated rules and continuing to do so as further additions and updates happe.  That way everyone should be able to be up to date just by reading the first post.
Anyone killing anything tonight?
I will be available after 2100 GMT today.
well, I am here to play. Though I can not be certain just how often I will get to.
probably open again wed from 6-8pm  CST
I didn't see this explicitly called out in the frist post, so I figured i should ask:  Are mechs allowed to retreat off the board or are all fights 'to the death'?
Hmm I should fix that... if that is true...

but in this campaign you can flee from any edge at any time, even the enemy edge.

This campaign is about salvage and keeping your merc unit in the black, not the red.

So if in doubt escape, but if you get into a battle which is pitched, one that is so close that it almost goes to the death of every mech, there isn't much u can do, and u will fight to the death till that random ammo explosion gets you or your opponent.

Available for blowing up mechs for the next 5 hours or so if someone wants to....
So has this died or would someone like to play a game or two?

Try to PM each player you would like to play or add all of your contact info and all IM info to your profile on this website, so players can find and contact each other.

Hey everybody,

MekSlayer suckered, errr I mean, convinced me to join in on this. Me and him go back a few years, randomly playing MM here and there. I got my mechs rolled up and just have to choose what I want. Once I get the OK from MekSlayer, I'll be up for some games. I works 11-7 night shift so weekend and early mornings usually work best for me.

- Dog
Hey Guys with the holidays almost over we should open up the possibility of perhaps scheduling a weekly game.

Anyone up for trying to do weekly multi player Megamek battles?

I would be open for people to suggest days and times.


I would be willing, how about Wednesday evenings at 8 pm US EST?
Wed evening is the one bad night for me, with tuesday nights being bad for me for the next month.  I could do wednesday nights on an intermittent  basis, like a once in a blue moon pickup game. If you get a lot of positive responses for wednesday nights Ragnarok, then you would have to host the game.

For me monday and thursday night work best, with weekend evenings being possible too.
I was thinking of maybe trying to do some capture the flag games for a test period during our game time as well.

For anyone whose interested, please post available times and we can try to work something out.


If we can settle on a regular game time, I sould be able to do most weeknights between 8 and 10 pm CST.  Also most weekends work except I have an RPG group that meets every other Saturday.
Evening folks. I met Mekslayer through a mutual friend and he got me interested in this here campaign. Thought I'd throw in my hand for some hot mech-on-mech action! Current mechlist is:

60- Lancelot
60- Ostroc Michi
50- Hunchback 4SP
40- Sentinel 3KA
65- Catapult C1 Butterbee
45- Phoenix Hawk 1D
45- Blackjack 1DB
35- Jenner 7F
30- Fire Javelin

Everything's been greenlit by Mekslayer, so if you ever want to have some battles, just PM me or you can contact me on AIM as Sam Mell, or Yahoo messenger as Shenaldrac. Happy hunting, and happy late New Years!
(01-02-2013, 12:12 AM)Netzilla link Wrote: If we can settle on a regular game time, I sould be able to do most weeknights between 8 and 10 pm CST.  Also most weekends work except I have an RPG group that meets every other Saturday.

Ok so can we try this Thursday at 6PM PST / 7PM MST / 8PM CST / 9PM EST with all players "that are able to come on earlier" than this, to come on and gather in the 35.31 server port 2347 to meet up and determine the game we want to play.

I will consider doing both a multiple player capture the flag game, a more mission oriented team campaign game, or a large "one mech per player" face off game. Other ideas are welcome for any who want to suggest them.

Hey guys are there still openings for this?  Also i am open for pickup games mostly weekends though.

Greetings everyone. New player coming into the Campaign, hope we can all have fun.

--Raith's Reavers--
Commander: Raith Northop

80 Ton Mech: Awesome AWS-8Q
75 Ton Mech: Marauder MAD-SD Douglass
75 Ton Mech: Flashman FLS-7K
65 Ton Mech: Catapult CPLT-C1
65 Ton Mech: Thunderbolt TDR-5ss
50 Ton Mech: Hunchback HBK-4P
45 Ton Mech: Blackjack BJ-1DC
45 Ton Mech: Vindicator VND-1R
40 Ton Mech: Clint CLNT-1-2R
Welcome to the campaign Wraith and Harchunk...  Wow Raith you rolled heavy....  Then again Random rolled really light.

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