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Wars of Reaving


After a successful first cycle, we've gotten the rules for zellbrigen, the campaign and custom designs down to a science. Some new features will be appearing in the coming campaign, along with the coding for the Society's Nova CEWS and Improved ATM technology. Some of the changes from the first cycle are as follows:

    The economy is undergoing a major overhaul and REAL COST will be instituted. This is to reflect the increased cost of some materials like XL Engines, Endo Steel, etc. vs. cheaper designs. This also puts a natural restriction on "ubertech" from the Society!

    Events will be a weekly occurrence on a day to-be-determined. Events will affect the metagame and determine a "winner" for each cycle.

    Class C upgrades will be done closer to canon, with staff having a bigger input on the design's final outcome. This limits any imaginable abuses from the vastly superior advanced technologies.

    Additional options to the strategic campaign will be added, including Merchant Caste Trade and Fortify, allowing the players to trade goods and Resource Points (RES) or increase the control % of an important planet.

    Strategic Points (SP) are being reduced across the board. Faction members may now donate their unused RES into a pool, increasing the amount of SP available at the end of a turn.

As I will be busy with the increased population of the server, I require new staff members. If you think you have what it takes, apply now!

    Administrator: Must have knowledge of Java coding to troubleshoot server issues and bugs. Admins are responsible for getting new players acquainted with the server and making final decisions where there are disputes.

    Moderator: Moderators take direct involvement with the players, fixing minor issues and promoting a friendly server environment. Moderators also oversee zellbrigen disputes and Trials of Grievance over unresolved issues.

    Faction Leader: Faction leaders make direct calls as to the direction of their faction. They are responsible for making economic choices and choosing which spending (including custom designs) are submitted for approval. Faction leaders make law within their faction, so a responsible and well-liked person is probably best for this job.

    Game Master (Storyteller): This person is responsible for writing the weekly scenarios and balancing forces. They will ultimately help decide the fate of the campaign as they weave a story around the constant changes occurring on the map. A person with extensive background in GM'ing is needed here, especially one with knowledge of the designs involved and the history of the Wars of Reaving timeline.

* Note that the launch date is not determined as we are still making minor changes before the new cycle isannounced. Players are welcome to join in the meantime and get familiar with the various factions and their formations before the new cycle!
Updated info above

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