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Solaris Arena Games Campaign
I am good for these times also... along with a short meeting tonight.

But will make tomorrow Thursday at both times 2PM and 9PM EST.

Logged on and hanging out if anyone else is out there watching and waiting...
PM sent with my skype Big Grin

Def can play several days.  8)

Here's my concept

"They said being a merc for the Black Warriors was easy money. I can tell you that ain't true. There is a reason there is descension in the ranks. Imperator Marius O'Reilly threw his Armies at his foes on Palatinate and mercs like me died. If I'm gonna fight to the death in a thirty ton Mech again, I'm going to get the money for it. I'm sick of getting ripped off by these scum. First order of business is to get out on my own. Loaning a mech won't do, how much will they take while I risk my life.. Next is technology and a mechanic, speed is life and firepower is the death of my foes. Anyone who stands in my way is going to taste AC20!"

- Jogen Sunrunner

Exp - 4 gunnery, 6 piloting, Weapon Specialist (AC20)
Starter Mech - UrbanMech UM-R60 Smile
Dr . Mordachi Williams, called Sureshot by friends, is a strange Mechwarrior.  Originally raised to take over his fathers weapons development lab, he excelled in mathematics and engineering.  After graduating with multiple degrees, he soon became a leading innovator and technician.  He soon developed a fascination with the capabilities of the systems he was helping to design, and decided to personally test out some of his more esoteric ideas.  He discovered that his vast mathematics training had increased his ability to calculate trajectories and ranges accurately, even while moving through the air. Coupled with an in depth understanding of the systems themselves, he became a veritable terror of pinpoint firing.  Now to this day, he takes immense pleasure in ruining other mechs from afar while testing out his latest modifications.

Dr Mordachi "Sureshot" Williams
6 Piloting / 5 Gunnery :  Sniper, Jumping Jack

(This may change once I get a look in game, once I have the campaign login info, as I dont know what some of the other skills do)

Edit: I just realized this is likely the campaign you stated in another thread had petered out and was done for.  Maybe can have some renewed interest.
Sorry ya'll I have ended this campaign.  I might start a fresh one if I can get some more people.  But I was hoping to move forward to another concept.  This one had a pretty good run of about 3 months though.  We did probably 30 or 40 fights total.  It was a lot of fun.  I know Mekslayer would love to start this back up, if there are 2 or 3 more people who would be up for it, I'd gladly start it again.  Though I will probably make a few changes to the initial rules.  I'd really like about 5 or 6 starting players though.
You want to play a campaign? I will run one if ya'll want to play, check out my ad. Smile
Id prefer something on a bit of a smaller scale is all to start.  Lance or so , maybe two.  Then work up to larger.

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