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The Succession Wars
I would be interested in playing a succession wars game based off the original boardgame.
The rules would have a few modifications to accomidate online play, fewe units would be used then the original and combat would be settled here on megamek.
I would need atleast 5 players to represent the major houses. Extra players could run individual units or merc companies depending on the number of people interested.
If you think you would be into a long term campaign like this let me know and I'll get you more details

It is a game that is pretty much the boardgame...but playable online.
Graphics not anything amazing, but good enough.
If your like me, and I've been looking for something like that boardgame (which I own) for a very LONG time, it is exactly what you want.
Active community, active developer, free.  ;D
My name in it is justwanttobe
keep in mind just like the boardgame there is no way to play against anyone but other humans, so no vs A.I.  So every turn (and every mini-event-turn during a turn) everything stops until the player does their turn actions.  Sounds bad, but really is not.  You can turn email-notifications on, so whenever it if your turn you get an email letting you know, which I HIGHLY recommend.
See you there. 
(06-03-2013, 05:38 PM)Justwanttobe Wrote:


Active community, active developer, free.   ;D

Does anybody know if the code is free (like in "freedom", not "free beer")? I couldn't find any link to a code repository.
No clue, you'd be best to email them. We have no connections with them.
Thx, I wrote an email.

Waiting for a response I wanted to try a game with another fake account but it seems you need 5 players for the standard scenario (Order of Battle: Fourth Succession War) which is the only one a somehow know. Is there a way to play with just 2 palyers like in the original game or do I have to set up another 3 fake accounts just to get an idea about the look&feel?
Got a response: is currently proprietary. Not a good situation to develop a community based Battletech game. Sad I've provided some arguments to change the game license and publish the code and will reply if I get another response.

And to my other question I got an answer in the Succession Wars forum: It is not possible to play a scenario ("Order of Battle") for 5 players just with 2 players (the original board game allowed this). Currently the only available scenario for 2 players is "The Clans: Operation Klondike".

PS: Thanks to all MegaMek developers to develop MegaMek as FLOSS!! (too many good games got lost because of a proprietary code base)
Let me add my first experience trying to play :

I was able to convince 4 friends to play the standard scenariobut the current game design doesn't provide a good game experience.

Example: When you attack a sector not only the attacked player can respond on your attack but also all other 3 players even not directly involved. This fits to the rules of the org. board game (because you can try to influence the battle with event cards infirectly) but this means that the combat phase of just one player can take days even when you play TSW in "postal chess" mode via mail notification.
Same for the initial setup before the game can start: Marik has to be placed at first, Liao at the end. When any player needs an evening for the setup it needs 5 days to start a game. If there is only ONE player without mail notification or leaving the game the game is dead.
So this game is about waiting, waiting and waiting - very frustrating. I didn't manage to play even one game even though I joined 5 games. Furthermore the web design is horrible and the forum simply awful (there isn't even a search function).

I still think TSW can be much fun but the game would need to be free/libre/open souce to setup an own server and to help fixing problems.

Are there any plans to add a digital version of TSW to the MegaMek(Net) project?
No plans for anything Strategic at this time. We still have a lot of rules for TW/TO to implement as well as other unit types.

The closest we have had conversations only on is the creation of Mega-Strike (Alpha Strike) as an option, but just conversations and if it happened it's still years away.

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