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New MekHQ Release v0.1.6

Be sure to read the notes if you are going to be importing a campaign from a previous version.
You continue to out-do yourself with these updates. Your hard work on mekhq is much appreciated.
I gotta say that I'm loving what you've done with this latest version. I've hit a couple bugs but nothing game breaking.

Your custom warchest system seems to be broken, mechs do not add nor subtract from my c-bill total despite having all the proper financial options checked, etc. Like I said, only minor glitches. Fingers crossed I havn't come across anything game breaking yet.
Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

Seriously, I'm certain you've got nothing to gain from your work other than thanks from a relatively small community and I want to give you my sincere thanks. I've been playing Battletech since the 80's and I remember as a kid dreaming about one day having computer games and utilities like this. PLEASE keep them coming! I just got 1.6 now and am looking forward to diving in.


Excelent work as always.

I was wondering if the map system would eventualy support multiple time lines? (2350, 2600, 2750, 3025, 3050, and so on.)

Also is the planitary data curently locked to the stock settings? I would be willing to rumage through my books and fill in some of it. I also remembered the 3025 era handbooks are posted on catalyst's web page for free. (copy and paste)


Doh! I dont know what I was thinking there PDFs
(05-21-2011, 05:50 PM)unclebob link Wrote: I was wondering if the map system would eventualy support multiple time lines? (2350, 2600, 2750, 3025, 3050, and so on.)

In fact, I just coded in that feature. It is now possible to specify the exact dates of faction changes so you can actually have planets switch faction during play. At the moment, I am just using the PRSC data and planets all change en-masse at certain time points (like 1/1/3030 and 1/1/3052).

I am going to get a volunteer group together shortly to enter planetary data, probably after the next release. Keep on the lookout.
Cool, I will gladly start typing up the stuff from the old 3025 and 3055 handbooks as I have them.

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