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Bot getting stuck

Sometimes the bot (Princess) gets stuck thinking forever; looks like there's a situation it can't handle. But if I exit, load game (paranoid autosave On, so it loads at th beginning of the same phase), and replace the missing player with a bot of the same kind... it works perfectly again.

Any idea about why does this happen?

This is a MM issue.  And Netzilla has been working on it for awhile.  This will be something that he does as MM moves toward stable and then probably some time after stable to get the bot working correctly.  The easiest way to keep princess from freezing, don't use infantry, don't use experimental tech, and keep things relatively simple.  While Netzilla has been able to help keep Princess from standing on top of buildings that do not support her mech weight, she is still known to do it.  Princess will also deploy in to holes in the ground that her mech cannot get out of. 

Another thing you might try is changing your memory settings for MM/MHQ since some problems might be linked to leakage.
Also, kicking the bot and taking over for it via a second instance of MM for the rest of the current phase usually works.
For me under most circumstances just kicking and bringing it back in usually works.  If it doesn't move within a few seconds though, kicking the second incarnation of the bot and taking control through a second window definitely helps move things along.

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