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Megamek Dedicated Servers LynxX-IT
Hello everybody,

here is an overview of the server
  • Servers can be found on ports 2346, 2348, 2350, 2352, 2354, 2356, 2358, 2360, 2362, 2364, 2366
    feel free to use all ports
  • Current stable release will be used, atm 0.46.1
    when you need another release, please let me know and I see what I can do
  • You can use the ingame backup mechanic to save your games, it can be found at

I am no player of megamek or battletech, I only make the servers running. Please feel free to contact me when there are problems about the servers. I will read the mails Mo-Fr 09:00-17:00 (GMT+1), english and german.
Or reply to this post, I will get a message.

I wish you all good times Smile

----- Changelog -----

[07.02.2020 17:36 UTC+2]
- updated all servers from 0.44.0 to 0.46.1 (current stable)
- fixed savegame problem, all savegames should be shown on the backup listing

[05.08.2018 12:08 UTC+2]
- updates all servers from 0.43.2-git to 0.44.0

[17.05.2017 10:00 UTC+2]
- updated all servers from 0.40.1 to 0.43.2-git, current stable version 0.42.0 current not available in download tar.gz

[09.02.2015 10:00 UTC+2]
- updated all servers from 0.40.0 to 0.40.1 due to server hanging

[20.01.2015 08:00 UTC+2]
- updated all servers from 0.38 to current stable 0.40.0
- removed server restarts
- little changes on the layout of this post

[15.09.2014 10:00 UTC+2]
- moved all servers on new hardware
- updated all servers to actual stable release 0.38
- added servers on port 2348, 2352, 2356, 2360, 2364
- servers on 2362, 2364, 2366 restart at 12:00 (UTC+2)

[15.07.2014 09:53 UTC+2]
- update server version 0.36.1 -> 0.38 on server 2354
- change restart time for 2366 from 05:00 to 12:00 (UTC+2)
- added restart time list

[14.07.2014 11:49 UTC+2]
- corrected error in savegame directory configuration, lost savegames can be found in 'lost+found', thx to mekslayer for the info

[03.07.2014 14:22 UTC+2]
- Changed server version on Ports 2358, 2362, 2666 to current stable 0.38.0
Thanks Hutti...

but we can not access the website you have up for saved games. just fyi.
first thing first, I'm so sorry for my long response in the forums, please apologize.
I forgot to set the file correct for the backups. Now all is working fine. You can find all at or directly the savegames at Feel free to contact me when something is not working correctly
First off I want to thank u Hutti...

so we had a game that we were playing... and we got unlucky....

even though I was making gamesaves each turn... we crossed your 4am automatic reset...

it reset us on 2362...

then I went to your saves directory and did not find the autosave nor the gamesaves that I had made...
normally the local gamesaves that I make also save on the server... somehow it did not...

then I tried a /localload... and it did not work either... time to ask as dev on this....

so it seems I would like to ask for a automatic gamesave at the time or before the reset...

and ask if you can check to prove the save files work...

and be able to load them off the directory u mention.

thanks again Hutti.

Hello Mekslayer,

I have checked the whole servers and found a 'little' missconfiguration. This caused all savegames to a wrong directory on the server. I copied the found files to the new 'lost+found' directory on , hope your savegame exists there. The autosave is unfortunatelly the last autosave over all six servers. I'm very sorry about this failure.

The servers were all checked and everyone is now saving the savegames in the right directory, where the backup script can find them.

Also I tried the /localload on the 0.38 servers and found following:
- The savegame has to be exist in the local 'savegames' directoy in the megamek 'install' folder
- when you connected to a server with the same version than the savegame, it can be loaded with " /localload [filename] "
- now disconnect and reconnect to the server and you will join the loaded savegame
I only checked this with a testbot Match and the testbot did not connect to the game, so I had to shutoff the server to cancle the match. It should work, when all human players, with their right name, are getting connected to the server, I hope Smile

When you need another time for server reset, please let me know. I can change the reset for one server port so it fits for nighttime in your timezone.
Thanks Hutti...

It seems the directory you copied from did not have our last gamesave...

and as u mentioned the autosave does not work as it gets overwritten...

but the method you suggested for the local load does work properly...

so I can at least reload our last local save....

so would it be possible to have one server ... perhaps the last one... reset at noon in your local time?

... oh PS... I think you can delete old saves from the 36.1 host that are now a 38.0 host... just to save space...

thanks for providing this support Hutti, it is much appreciated... as I can see by the number of saved games on the server... :-)

Hello mekslayer,

good to hear, that there is a solution for your game, so you can end this.
The server on port 2366 is set to restart on 12:00 (UTC+2).

I'm glad to hear, that the servers are used and you have fun playing Smile
Ya we did! I got a nice ransom for one of his captured officers the other day. ;D
Updated server version from 0.40.0 to 0.40.1 due to server hanging
hi guys i am new at this stuff i run megamek on osx last update  and i don t know how to play online cause mekwars is not running either the java file dowloaded from forge can anyone help me? cause is boring play whit bot only tanks !
(03-17-2015, 07:46 AM)mekmek1 link Wrote: hi guys i am new at this stuff i run megamek on osx last update  and i don t know how to play online cause mekwars is not running either the java file dowloaded from forge can anyone help me? cause is boring play whit bot only tanks !

I answered your PM mekmek1. I hope my advice gets you a bit further. If you have more problems try searching the thread or starting a new thread about it. Wink
y thanks xenon54z y for check if i understood all well i have to try a play whit someone just cause alone i can t do anything Sad btw thanks again XE for all the stuff i was thinking no one reply and there was no life on the blog or people don t like to involve new guys but is not like that! thanks all btw let me know if some one has time for a try Smile
bye all guys thanks Smile
Thanks Hutti, you are doing a great service.
Thx to the infos by Floppy (Team Trueborn) the servers are running again Smile

Updates comming soon.
Updated servers to current stable version 0.44.0
Updated servers to current stable 0.46.1

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