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Logs for actions and activity
I did a site search for 'GM Logs' and 'Repair Logs' in the forums and didn't see the answer to my question.  I don't believe my answers to my question to be available but I thought I would ask anyways.

Is there any logs showing when the GM mode is used to modify or compete tasks in MekHQ?  In addition, is their a log that shows the die modifiers for activities done in an non battlefield tasks?  If none of these are available or recorded I would like to make some feature suggestions.  I know you have a dedicated site for that and I will post this idea there if these are not available to access.

First would be to have a persistent Daily Log similar to the Finances tab, maybe call it the Activity tab.  I understand that keeping all the Daily Log data might start to swell and slow file loading.  But maybe a streamlined version of it might work.  Have it track only key major activities made by players. 

Second would be the logging of all GM activity done.  This would be best displayed in the Daily Log and in the Activity tab.  I think color coding these activities similar as what you guys did for die rolls for repair results would be very helpful to people focus in on.  Blue or orange would be easy to pick up in my opinion.

Third would show how or where a certain part was fixed.  My first preference for this is to have the Repair Site information listed in the activity.  Example: Joe Snuffy attempts to salvage Foot Actuator in TransBay* needs 4 and rolls 4: salvaged.  The location can be abbreviated or just put in, but it would be great to see where it was done at.
Or alternative to that would be the modifiers used in repairing in the daily log by the person doing the activity.  Maybe display this under the entry in parentheses in shorthand so as to not make it to long.  For example (7Reg+0dif+0TB+0Qual+1era).  Maybe showing only the successful rolls in the Activity tab would help cut down on clutter.

Fourth, since I'm on the topic of suggestions.  It would also be nice to see saves done in the Daily Log/Activity tab with a time stamp included.  So if someone is doing a task then saving then doing another task and saving it would show a players activity.  I understand that if someone wanted to get around a first time die roll failure they could just close down the client and start again.  But it would show patterns of activity over a long period of time.

I'm sure you noticed a theme here with these 4 suggestions.  These features would allow an actual GM the ability to easily audit a participating player's actions.  Currently, things are set up within MekHQ 0.2.0 and 0.3.3 that it is geared more towards the player being their own GM with no accountability for their activities.  If I'm wrong and there is an ability to see these type of actions then I would like to suggest that they be modified to make them visible or more easily accessible.

I can put these suggestions in the feature request site but it seemed like that site was for MegaMek not MekHQ.
MegaMek has a feature request tracker, and MekHQ does as well:

I like your suggestions as well.  Unfortunately I don't think they will get worked on for a while. 
Ahh.....thanks for the link.  So would it be best to just transfer this over and create a new ticket?
I just registered and created a new ticket.  Wink
I've honestly been hoping that we get around to adding a way to 'host' a campaign as a GM that allows players to connect and do activities, though with certain features disabled entirely for those connecting (i.e. no changing rules, no GM mode, etc.)

Of course if you can't trust your players to the point you feel the need to audit their work, you might want to just consider doing the admin/repair stuff yourself and simply sending out the campaign file for them to review and make decisions based on those changes.  Wink That's how I run my campaigns, though it isn't due to a lack of trust, I just (usually) enjoy the admin side of things in a campaign. It can be a lot of work though.
I have made inquires to others tagged as Developers on where to start for enlisting my help.  I am retired and have time.  However, I have no coding experience.  I am willing to self teach and start assisting in the development of MekHQ.
(03-18-2014, 11:12 AM)CarnageINC link Wrote:I have made inquires to others tagged as Developers on where to start for enlisting my help.  I am retired and have time.  However, I have no coding experience.  I am willing to self teach and start assisting in the development of MekHQ.

The best way to start would be to find a feature you think you could add or a bug you could fix and submit them via the tracker. That's usually how people get brought on after they've submitted some code. Without much of a coding background, I'd suggest starting small.  Wink

We also have other areas that from time to time need outside input. For instance, one other way you could help is digging through sourcebooks for faction change information for planets. Kind of tedious but at this point I think I've got all of the 'hard' planetary data from various books and we're down to just figuring out more precise dates for when various planets changed hands. And of course a lot of planets with no published info that are going to get more or less automated data (in progress) but that last part doesn't need any help at the moment.
Other ways to start are to play and find bugs and ACTUALLY report the bugs and how you can duplicate the bug every time. Then when you get good at coding you can squash your own bugs! HO-HA!

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