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Advanced Medical
Read over the text and spreadsheet but... how does the limb replacement work?

Also, have a soldier with a missing leg. Is there any checks to make sure I can't just stick him in a foot platoon and have him hobble from place to place? Luckily hes mechanized so having a piloting penalty isn't an issue. Depending on how the limbs go (another is missing an arm) they may have to learn some clerical skillsĀ  Tongue
The limb replacement is not implemented.

But as the creator of the system: Essentially the plan is that over a time period (6 months to a year) the penalty is decreased to +1 after they receive a prosthetic (assuming a good prosthetic, if you're playing in the late Succession War era or your command is rogue/pirate/poor, you may want to only allow it to improve to +2, assuming a poor replacement). If Clan, they can regrow the limb and completely negate the penalty after a year. During that 6-12 months, I would have the penalty slowly decrease, i.e. if they are improving from 3 to 1; the penalty remains at 3 for the first 4-6 months and then sits at 2 for the next 4-6 before dropping to 1. If it goes from 3 to 0, assume 3-4 months before each improvement.)

The cost is more or less up to you. A Time of War has costs for such things, but they're low to the point of being negligible, so I use higher costs but I forget what I set it to at this point.
ok, So until you can complete it (low priority I take it?) just fudge the results from permanent injuries such as lost limbs.
Yeah, for what it is (and how rarely it comes up), there would quite a lot of work required to add it. So it is extremely low priority.
I do have a semi-high priority fix for the medical. On my end the font size for the injury itself is different from where it says permanent injury. So "missing leg" is smaller than "permanent injury". Are they supposed to use the same font? If its an easy enough fix can you make that the same font as the injury? Another suggestion. Instead of permanent injury, how about it read more like "A sprained right leg - Permanent injury ( or Permanent Injury)" it would look better this way I think.

In any even the permanent injury font should be made to match the injury font size. The smaller font matches everything else.
Not sure if this is an old or new idea but...

Would it be difficult to add random injury rolls for non combat related daily life. Something like infections, other on the job injuries, etc. Maybe roll once a week/month with a 3d6 roll or 2d6 and if a person gets a 17/18 or 12 (variable as the xp roll) check the expanded injury chart. Person X comes down with a flu like illness and gets whatever penalty.. Some nameless tech falls off a gantry and breaks his/her leg. Lassie pushes Timmy down a well and broke his leg..
It could be done, but it isn't a level of randomization I'm interested personally interested in developing/play-testing/implementing.
I would think for non-combat injuries it would need to be more random, more like under experince (cam options) 1xp per _ months on a roll of 2d6 greater than _ Just change out for injuries with most injuries being the lesser (1 hit) variety with the very rare death or permanent (not as rare) missing limb and uncommon broken limbs/concussion.

If you don't feel like doing it just help me out with figuring out how and where to put it and I can get most of the grunt work done myself. Then it will just need tweaks and code cleanup.
It would help if you did some play-testing before implementing anything too. I did more than a year of testing with adv. medical across 3-4 campaigns before we started work on it for MHQ.
Last time I ran a merc campaign was using the 3055 rules. Lots of role played and random accidents/sabotage. The biggest issue we ever ran across was when half the unit came down with a flu like bug a few days after landing on backwater for garrison duty. But, I didn't do everything d6 I preferred 2d10 or if someone brought one 1d100 (yeah, didn't know they made em till I actually saw one at the local gaming store).


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