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Planet faction errors
I have been going over several of the older source books trying to dig up info for my campaign (at 3005 now) and noticed a few errors

New Aragon - Currently shows Laio but should be FS. I looked at the entries for the faction change and it shows 2930-01-01 twice for FS followed by one for CC after and no other entry until 08 after CC recaptured at the begining of 08. I think it should be change to

Unless there is another source covering that time period with more accurate information.

Marduk, Galtor III, and Rowe I think also need closer attention and I will post again when I get better details. Galtor III though is showing as contested in 3005, not sure if it should be. Marduk from what I read should still be in Davion hands until the 4th SW I think.

I know there is a thread for all this soemwhere but did not see it.. shouldn't one be stickied?
Found another two.

Mesartim - At some point during the 2nd SW it fell to Davion. Found were the world was retaken in 29?? but not the FS recapture in 3010. Where is the source on that one? I didn't find anything in any of the books.

Halloran V - Known to have been taken by Wolf's Dragoons inĀ  Feb. 3006. There is also conflicting information that it was taken in 2930 in the house Davion sourcebook. Think I might have to do a search on the BT forums... Or post a thread about it.
Wrong location. Wrong format. Instructions for planetary data not followed.
Then do point me to the right location and format. I did try to search for it but nothing obvious popped up.
Try this thread:
That thread really should be a sticky then. Thanks for the link Smile
(05-17-2014, 05:25 PM)pheonixstorm link Wrote:That thread really should be a sticky then. Thanks for the link Smile

And done.

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