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Where's the CASE?
So, something occurred to me as was salvaging Clan 'Mechs for equipment.  Clan 'Mechs have free CASE with their ammunition.  Which got me to thinking. . . where is this CASE located?  Is it in the actual ammunition itself, or is it in the bins?  For salvage purposes, freeing up that half ton and crit slot for built-in CASE is a great thing, but salvaging actual ammunition is tricky.  But if the CASE is built into the bins, those are much easier to get a hold of and (presumably) install on your 'Mechs.

Does anyone know, or is this one of those things that has never really been addressed?
Clan case is built into the design itself and doesn't weigh anything or take up any space (as you know). My understanding is it isn't a 'part' that can just be pulled out, it is more or less the way the design was built i.e. like Endosteel.

So, in my opinion you'd more or less the entire limb/section (for example), so the same with salvaging EndoSteel. You don't pull out the 7 critical spaces and suddenly have endosteel to put on any design, you actually need to pull off the individual endosteel sections.
Interesting way of explaining it. . . also interesting fodder for salvage (converting Nova structure to Centurion structure. . . but what about the CT?  Hmm. . . ).

That was more or less what I was wondering.  Is a "Clan LRM ammo bin" considered to have built-in CASE, only Clan LRM ammo, or is just integral to the overall 'Mech's structure and not something you can salvage for an IS 'Mech?  Sounds like it's more the latter.  Thanks!
I'm not sure where I remember seeing this as it was over 10-15 years ago.  Back when the Clans were first introduced the only Mechs listed were Omnimechs and the Inner Sphere didn't have any Omnis.  It was one of the original ideas that the same ability that allowed Omnimechs to quickly change out their equipment allowed the ammo bin panels to work like a CASE and blow out to redirect the explosion away from the mech.  As the only Clan Mechs in 3050 were Omnis this is how all Clan mechs were built. 
When the Clan Battlemechs were designed for 3055 this same rule was used with out thinking about the fact that they weren't Omnis.  When this was brought up after the book was released it was decided instead of redesigning all the second line mechs from 3055 with CASEs, they would make the Clan CASE part of the basic construction for all Clan mechs.  Thus keeping the Tech edge over IS equipment. 
I wish I had a cite for this, but I'm pretty sure I remember reading it in an old Battletechnology Mag from years ago. 
CASE is an endo steel frame which has enough strength to contain an ammunition explosion. Not so much as to stop it from damaging the outer part of the unit, but enough to redirect the blast in a single direction (out the back of the unit). Think of it as a controlled explosion, like a gun barrel. You have powder detonating, but the entire gun doesn't blow: It's directed toward the end of the barrel. Same concept.

CASE is located around each ammo bin and contains the rounds in separate "cells".
Given as this is in the MekHQ portion of the forums, I believe the question was more in line with, "How do I salvage Clan CASE in MekHQ? (You Can't)" or, "As an IS with salvaged Clan Mechs, do I have to install/own Clan CASE to be protected? (No)" rather than, "What in the in-universe fluff about CASE in general?".

""CASE is located around each ammo bin and contains the rounds in separate "cells".""
Incorrect.  In your example, IS case would cost 0.5 tons and a crit slot per ammo ton protected.  It would also be reasonable for the section to survive.  From the fluff, CASE is built in to the mech location itself, deflecting the blast away from the next interior attaching part.

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