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techs to mechs Ratio
Just wondering creating  a post Amaris but pre exodus division.    Was wondering what sounds like  a good ratio of mechs to techs.  So far Im setting up 1 green tech per mech and leaving some of my  elite and veteran techs for major battlefield repair.  Does this sound right or would it be too far out there.  I know it means hell of a bunch of people.  Having to build a regiment at a time for space sake .  Thanks all.
The IntOps rating looks for 1 tech / 'Mech for 100% support. That said, I always thought even just 1:1 was excessive, so I personally wouldn't go beyond that. Even with maintenance rules taking up some time, you will have a *lot* of spare repair time, especially if you pool 5-6 'Mechs to each maintenance tech and have the rest of your techs solely responsible for repairs.

Unless the entire regiment is regularly taking extensive damage, you're going to be able to get most things fixed immediately, with extra days only necessary for the most crippled of 'Mechs.
I usually run about 3:2 ratio of MechTechs to MechWarriors, and diminish that slightly with larger units; and generally 1:1 MechWarriors to Mechs, which actually whilst that might appear "Normal" actually works out as a few "spare" MechWarriors and a few spare Mechs.  So my overall ratio has more Techs that Mechs.

This way I have enough Techs that I can rapidly salvage Mechs, and/or disassemble for parts, repair my own Mechs, and mothball units I no longer need to be active.  Also as I modify all my Mechs to improved designs, refitting all units at some point in their lifespan, there are many occasions when there is work on going for many days for some Techs and a loss of repair capacity.  Also it is useful to repair damaged items in the warehouse for when they are needed.
For maintenance I keep 1 tech per 4 mechs with at least 2 per 4 on hand for repairs and salvage ops. This usually leaves me with 1 or 2 techs I can use to mothball or refit with during combat ops for company sized or larger.
I wouldn't use the int ops rules just yet as the tech/admin requirements for non-mechs are massive (1 admin person needed per infantry trooper? come on).

In my experience for a about a reinforced lance of mechs, 4 techs to handle repair tasks is usually sufficient. It's also easier to keep track of techs if you assign one tech to do maintainance only up to his time limit, instead of spreading units around to 1 mech per tech. 1 tech should be able to maintain a lance by himself pretty easily (time wise). You might want to keep a few more techs around for refit tasks as well, i'm not sure why but refit times are huge in mekHQ.

Temp astechs seem to be better as they don't clutter up your personnel list unlike permanent astechs. There also doesn't appear to be any benefit to leveling the astech skill so xp isn't important for them.

Vehicles need a lot less techs for repair because they can't take as much damage as mechs typically the vehicle either is unrepairable or you only need to replace some armor and repair motive damage.

Hope that helps.

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