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TigerShark's MegaMek Images
Some of these will be alterations of Deadborder's stuff (since I have a lot of these miniatures, some originals, some fixes of really old icons. Not claiming credit for them unless I SPECIFICALLY claim credit! Enjoy.
Dervish DV-6M

Combination of the DV-1S and DV-6M from Deadborder's icons. I just liked the hydraulic tubing attached to the launchers and decided they should be in the modern version as well.

Attached Files
.gif   Dervish.gif (Size: 648 bytes / Downloads: 343)
Phoenix PX-3R

Re-imagining of this one. The jump jets are exaggerated here; they're much smaller on the miniature. The sculpt is pretty mediocre on that, however, so I took a bit of artistic license to breathe some extra "cool factor" into it.

Attached Files
.gif   phoenix_3r.gif (Size: 552 bytes / Downloads: 331)
Jackrabbit JKR-8T / -9R

This one needed some work and time. Took a concept from the Shack and cleaned it up for some more "modern" detailing. Looks a lot like the miniature now.

Attached Files
.gif   jackrabbit_9w.gif (Size: 647 bytes / Downloads: 220)
Schrek PPC Carrier

Reposted from elsewhere in the thread.

Attached Files
.gif   schrek.gif (Size: 1.1 KB / Downloads: 327)

Another rehash and cleaning up, this time for the LNC25-01

Attached Files
.gif   Lancelot.gif (Size: 644 bytes / Downloads: 324)
Burke Defense Tank

Altered the DI Morgan a bit, since it was a similar base. The 'old' Burke icon was just tiny compared to the real size of the tank.

Attached Files
.gif   burke.gif (Size: 1.43 KB / Downloads: 322)
Vulcan VLC-5N

Re-hash of the Vulcan fighter, which is a copy of the mini. Original draw.

Attached Files
.gif   vulcan.gif (Size: 967 bytes / Downloads: 285)
Marauder MAD-1R/-2R/-3R

Taken from the MAD-4X, I decided to replace the original MADs with the new, Experimental chassis. Added the AC/5, lengthened the arm barrels and shortened the cockpit.

Attached Files
.gif   Marauder.gif (Size: 779 bytes / Downloads: 306)
Thug THG-

Re-hash of the old Thug art. Cleaned it up a bit and made it closer to the miniature.

EDIT: Added shading to the THG- torso.

Attached Files
.gif   Thug.gif (Size: 980 bytes / Downloads: 203)
EDIT: Modified Vulcan image to add shading. It lacked depth.
Spider SDR-5V

A completely original re-draw of the Spider.

Attached Files
.gif   Spider.gif (Size: 468 bytes / Downloads: 278)
Mackie MSK-

Nearly a complete redraw, based on more modern artwork.

Attached Files
.gif   Mackie MSK-9H.gif (Size: 705 bytes / Downloads: 248)

This one was a tough draw.

Attached Files
.gif   Battleax.gif (Size: 618 bytes / Downloads: 229)
EDIT: Re-uploaded Battleaxe, Mackie, Thug and Jackrabbit, fixing the shading and some missing pixels.
Atlas AS7-

Drawn 100% by Deadborder. I darkened the shading, changed the hand shape and arm position to give it a more "threatening" look. On the Atlas II, I darkened the shading and enlarged the guns. Also replaced the hands. Great job, Deadborder!!

Attached Files
.gif   Atlas.gif (Size: 894 bytes / Downloads: 198)
.gif   atlas_ii.gif (Size: 961 bytes / Downloads: 198)
Galahad GLH-

Original draw. The old one was just not doing it for us.

Attached Files
.gif   Galahad.gif (Size: 721 bytes / Downloads: 130)
Hammerhands HMH-

Another original draw from the TRO art.

Attached Files
.gif   hammerhands.gif (Size: 823 bytes / Downloads: 189)
Royal Thug

Attached Files
.gif   Thug THG-11Eb.gif (Size: 942 bytes / Downloads: 119)
SRM Carrier

Original draw to the miniature.

Attached Files
.gif   srmcarrier.gif (Size: 624 bytes / Downloads: 187)

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