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AoW units incorrect rules listing
Tried playing a game in HQ for Age of War and came across a few units that seemed out of place. Checked the MUL and sure enough they were. Not sure if there is a reason these show as Unofficial show... And also found a few armor issues on a couple as well Wink

Intrepid Assault Craft (2331) - Shows Unofficial, should be Std. Also does not show up when listing canon only units.

Vendetta Medium Fighter(Standard) - Shows Unofficial, should be Std. Listed as BAR 10 (is that the same as std armor? Not familiar enough with BAR ratings).
Mosquito Light Fighter (Standard) - Shows Unofficial, should be Std. Armor should be BAR 6 and (if anyone cares) the source should be Primitives II
Hurricane Conventional Fighter (Standard) - Shows Unofficial, should be Std.
Mustang Fighter (Standard) - Shows Unofficial, should be Std. Intro on MUL 2463, in MM 2297

Cobra VTOL Transport (Standard) - Shows Unofficial, should be Std.

Chi-Ha Infantry Combat Vehicle (Original) - Shows Unofficial, should be Std.
Estevez MBT (Standard) - Shows Unofficial, should be Std.
Marsden I - Shows Unofficial, should be Std. Should be BAR 7 for armor as well
Estevez MBT (Anti-Air) - Shows Unofficial, should be Std.
I'll look at the armor stuff.  The tech level stuff I need to get a clarification, the XTRO stuff originally came out at either Experimental or Era Specific (which we call Unofficial).  So I'm not sure what CGL is doing with these older units.
Yeah I thought it might have been something like that but wasn't sure. While I was hunting around I did see others listed as Era Specific on the MUL

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