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low light condition to-hit modifier and mech optics
Ive played the mechwarrior games (not cannon) and read 50+ of the novels and mechs have infrared and light amplification abilities so, the +2-3 modifier on full moon or moonless night has always bothered me.  If we change our mech's sensors over to IR I wish it would reduce the modifier to maybe +1 I think would be reasonable, maybe as an unofficial rule in megamek.  Does anyone else think a mech wouldnt be as effected by low light conditions to warrant a +3 modifier?
I've always thought the low-light rules were pretty terrible. As a result I just don't use them much or limit it to the rules for dusk/dawn lighting (+1).
Exactly thats what I do, 2-5=dusk/dawn, 6-12 is daylight.  Also, why is 0.3.23 having you perform MASC rolls when sprinting more than possible when the mech doesnt have MASC (using intro rules yr3025).  3.16 never did that.
(01-25-2016, 03:35 PM)BLOODWOLF link Wrote: Also, why is 0.3.23 having you perform MASC rolls when sprinting more than possible when the mech doesnt have MASC (using intro rules yr3025).  3.16 never did that.

Doesn't do it for me.  Need a a bunch more information, whats the unit, whats the map, what rules do you have on, whats the planetary conditions.

Launching from MHQ or MM.
Aw crap, I just deleted that campaign and downloaded 3.21 because they said on the bg.battletech forums that version works better with AtB.  I was on Ziliang with gravity of 1.2 tac ops sprinting, introductory rules and it happened with every unit.  If i clicked more hexes that what a mech could normally sprint it would show the +3 and ask to do a MASC roll when my mechs didnt have MASC.  Was launching from mekhq 3.23.  If gravity was <1.0 it would make sense except for the dialog of "unit" attempting to sprint with MASC/supercharger but, not for a 1.2g world.  If I duplicate it on this new campaign ill attach files sorry about that.
Ok in 3.21 during a megamek battle it is allowing the option to sprint faster than possible with a PSR for MASC when the mechs are not equipped.  I do have the option checked to check before all PSR with MASC/supercharger.  But, that should only be if they have that equipment.  What files specifically should I attach?  I never actually perform the movement (green) pilots.
The MASC bug have been identified and fixed for the next release.
Awesome.  So when yall gonna work on a mechwarrior movie?  Warcraft was finally made lol.
Yeah just so long as they get Ben Kingsley to play Kerensky. He just looks right for the part.  Tongue
Yeah ive been watching SOA lately and I think Ron would make a good elemental maybe Malthus I think his name was, the Jade Falcon elemental who allied with Kai but, hes too old so, wouldnt be realistic for the clans. 

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