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Wierd deployment issue
Playing MekHQ 0.3.20, I'm seeing a deployment issue. Only 3 out of my 4 meks are deployed from my TO&E. Playing with AtB. After the battle, the after action shows the Meks left out as total loss and the warrior dead.

Before the deployment the meks are fully operational, the warrior in full health and all requirements for the lance are met. I've trying removing the problem mek from the TO&E, deleting and replacing the problem mek and re-attaching to the TO&E. No change. Is there a new setting that I need to look at to fix this or is this a known issue? It's made the game hard to enjoy because of the imbalance.
Is this the issue you are having?

Delete the unit.cache file and maybe even the mekhq log and retry.
Couple of things. Your running a old version. Also if I recall there was a deployment bug fixed between that version and the current one.
I'm sorry.  I'm playing with 0.3.25. I was mistaken with the version. Also, the issue I'm having is very similar to the one described.
You will probably need to post a bug report. Make sure to include your mekhq log (can be attached directly) as well as your campaign file and any custom units (must be zipped before you can attach).

If the bug is easy to reproduce the fix should happen whenever ralgith or another dev has time for it.
Hey, I'm new to MekHQ. Been playing with it for the past few months, loving it!

Anyway, I'm having the same issue. Using the HQ 3.25 package. New campaign. All stock units. Deleting the unit.cache file did resolve.
Deleting the Units.cache helped for a couple of battles, but the issue returns. Hopefully the next release will fix this.
Make sure you have allow Invalid Designs turned on... there is a known bug that could be causing the problem.
That seems to have fixed my issue. Thank you

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