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Using MHQ for a pnp game
(I already know these forums are considered by many to be "dead")

I'm getting a group of REAL people together to play Battletech! This is FAR superior to either Bot. However, MegaMek and MekHQ have made me lazy when it comes to calculating repair times, transit times, ect.

So I want to use MHQ to do the "paperwork" or "bookkeeping" aspects of the game, while throwing dice and moving metal in the real world.

Of course there's a hitch (otherwise, why would I post?). When it comes to adding OpFor to scenario's. I get how to back-end the scenario, and adjust how damaged to units forces are. What I'm hazy on is getting the salvage into MHQ. If possible, I'd like to be able to choose what mechs ect. are being used before the mission, and then just adjust the damage as it happened (so that some are nothing more than scrap metal, some are clean headshots, you know) Or am I trying to do this backwards, and need to approach it the other way? I guess I can GM stuff in, but for salvage percentage reasons, I'd like to have it all set up.
In the Campaign I'm currently playing the GM has 2 copies of MHQ. One is our force. The other is the OPFOR.

Book keeping might be tedious though. However, if your playing PnP then I doubt you mind.

We do use MM to play though.
If we used MM for playing, it would be a snap, as the .MUL files would be easy to import. It's getting the salvage from pnp to MHQ that's a problem.
I realize this is a 3 yr old thread, but I'm trying to figure out the same thing.
MekHQ is a lot of fun for playing MM campaigns, but it could also be used for managing the back office of a PnP/TT campaign.

For the life of me I can't figure out how to put in salvage.

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