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A Review of TREDS
Over the course of time, I've had many new comers to MegaMek that haven't realized all the wonderful things MegaMek can do. And how much new stuff is being added or planned to be added (or is in the rulebooks which may eventually mabye be added) to this awesome free program. And they just never get to see it before they are on to other things.

So I came up with a campaign format that sort of caters to new players who don't really want to commit to "a real campaign" but still would like a story behind the battle. And that format is where the player works for the Technical Research and Experimental Design Systems (TREDS). (The home of which is at IMMP.) Basically, a company that tests prototypes in real combat situations with clients and whoever the enemy of the client is. The client gets some pay out of letting TREDS tag along and TREDS get real performance data.

[Image: 3557581.jpg]
Real Results from Real Tests

As you maybe could guess, I've been having a ton of fun with it. I made the above logo after my initial beta test of it. So I thought I'd share the outcome of the campaign by sharing some after action reports and such here on the official MegaMek forums. Hopefully you can say to your friends, like I've said to mine, to go here and check out an example campaign to get a feel for what MegaMek is. I mean it is "big stomping robots of death" but that is not all it is.

Perhaps it will spark your interest or give you ideas for your campaigns. Or better yet, give you ideas for my campaign so you can post here about them! Smile I love comments and feedback. So any questions just feel free to ask. Oh and I try to role play a bit (still new to that) so my out of character comments are in [  ], just so you know.

And with that I will start to post some after action reports. I don't have a set schedule but I'll just plod along so stay tuned. Eventually (maybe), I'll catch up with where we currently are so you'll have to wait longer when I get to that point.

[Image: 3557480.jpg]
[I hope I made it clear that anyone can post here. This isn't a "no posting allowed" kind of thread.]
[Short version: Scout mission. Objective is to find the raiders. You are probably going to assault drop if possible.]

*Electronic Voice*

Greetings. Your NDA is on file so we can now give you your first test brief. Welcome to 4th SG TREDS.

Client: Municipal Posse – A Skye government, quickly thrown together, light defense force. They were formed in response to the pleas from our neighboring trade friends on Skondia. The news has already shown how bad, and bold, the raiders are. And with trade declining, yadda yadda, special interest groups and politicians, yadda, and now we got forces heading over there. Attached is the info they gave their forces, first the mission and then the scenario brief:

*The voice pauses as words scroll past.*

Skondia is a nearby planet to Skye. Many organizations have close ties to the industrial and technology development happening on Skondia.

Recently, a small unknown raiding party has been disrupting exports to Skye and further development. The Lyran government has decided that since Skondia is a border world, this raiding party may be the tip of some iceberg. As such they don't want the "scouts" to gain any intel on a the regular forces. And, they also reason that if it is just a raiding party then they will go away, eventually. And if not then the real force will show up and that is when the Lyran regular border force will engage. Classic Lyran stupidity.... but I forget my place.

In the meantime, the raiders are disrupting affairs. As such, Skondia has turned to Skye for help. As a newly formed municipal posse, you are to go to Skondia and be the point of the spear. The Skondia local forces are already on the defensive. Your job is to gather intel to determine whether these guys are "raiding scouts" or just regular raiders. If regular raiders, then work with Skondia local units to clean this mess up that the Lyran government ignored in the name of Skye.
If they are the tip of the "iceberg," then expect reinforcements.

As a side note, due to the new political direction on Skye, you will be occasionally supplied with extra units from TREDS. Do not rely on these reinforcements, but do let them provide TREDS with the data they need.

"Welcome to Skondia. Straight to the point. The raiders have been hitting supply lines from factories and mines. They have yet to strike the same spot twice, but that is mainly due to our forces being deployed after the fact. We advise you head to the south east side where a few factories and one mine all use the same highway. This highway is bordered by a forest and hills. Good spot for an ambush on a convoy. And the raiders have yet to operate in that area. They seem to be quite mobile and raid quickly. Most of the convoy raids have been devastating leaving none alive and the rest were at night. Still don't have a good description of what these raiders got. Good hunting and we much appreciate Skye's help here."
-Sit Rep on Skondia

Well, we got nothing else to go off of so let’s head to where he wants. We are still waiting on shipments to come in. Since this outfit was basically started from scratch we are still missing some supplies and not to mention some of us are ultra-green. At least all the mechs have arrived.

First mission: Scout the highway area to find any signs of raiders and to find locations for our own infantry to hide away. Also remember to scan any units. Or kill it and then scan them. Take prisoners since intel is more important than payback at this point in the op.

TREDS: No word from TREDS about anything. But at least check to see if something is friendly before firing on it. We are in constant contact with them so they know our ops and can "do whatever" as they see fit. What a weird political directive our politicians have come up with now..... That is all.

*2 seconds of silence and then the voice continues*

As a reminder, all test units are not like the factory releases you probably have used in the past. They will have quirks and bugs in the system. The data you provide back to TREDS will help alleviate these annoyances. Your skill, however, will keep you alive while suffering from them. Good luck. Expect insertion as soon as you break atmosphere. The friendly registration codes should already be in your units but approach friendlies with caution as they don’t know you are coming and might be a bit twitchy.

[First game is done. But really it was more of a beta test to see what works and what didn't. It was fun though to see some stuff that isn't usually done. Like chainsaws and industrial mechs.]

[Short Version: Decisive victory. We learned that a slightly high gravity makes jumping different and that infantry in forests are annoying.]

*A scrolling data pad with a familiar voice accompanying the words.*
Congratulations on your first completed assignment. Below is the report submitted to us from our client. No real mention of us in it.

*Smooth transition into a voice which obviously belongs to an experienced mechwarrior whose seen combat many times.*

Everything was a normal patrol through the area. Then we see a mech assault dropping right on our position. A single mech falling from the sky. TREDS had arrived after all. They must have seen something we didn’t or hadn’t seen yet. So we headed toward the forest for cover and to check it. The TREDS prototype climbed a hill and started LRM volleys into the woods after getting up.
[Image: 2486656.jpg]
We had contact. Two logging industry mechs with a light and a medium tank escort. A bunch of foot infantry. They looked like they were cutting a path through the forest. This would have provided a quick route to the highway except we interrupted them.
During the battle we also found two transport trucks which probably transported the infantry which had dug in around the clearing. Physical blows were traded as weapon range was reduced in the thick forest and stepping into the clearing was a kill zone from infantry fire. The logging mech chainsaw mangled the right arm of our Stinger destroying the arm.
[Image: 2486645.jpg]
After the industrial mechs and escort tanks were rendered inoperable, the infantry positions were attacked. They scattered as flames put the fear of burning alive in them. They used the forest as cover but we still eliminated them. Only two crews fled the initial clash, but both were found as our scout mechs are of course faster than men on foot. Every opportunity was taken to take prisoners for interrogation and we have 4 prisoners from this clash.
[Image: 2486639.jpg]
Any fires started were immediately put out by clearing the forest and minimal collateral is expected. A decisive victory has given us the upper hand. May luck favor the Skye Rangers.

*The original voice starts up again as if no interruption had occurred.*

Here is the lab report. I remind you to not be too hard on them if they give you negative remarks. They are just doing their job and are cut from a different cloth than you pilots who risk life and limb for data.

*A nervous young voice starts next.*

To: Dutch Mallory
Luckily the initial damage from the assault drop did not damage any of the data tracking sensors on the Kintaro KTO-19b. The battlerom showed most systems performed without any side effects. Data assessment as follows:
  • Successful gathering of balance data showing slight armor and internal structure imbalance. This was either the cause of failed assault drop or pilot error. Need more data.
  • Successful firing of Narc deployment launcher multiple times.
  • Successful attachment of single Narc pod. Need more data from multiple attachments.
  • Successful firing of Narc capable ammo showing damage and heat level changes, if any.
  • Unsuccessful firing of Narc capable ammo on Narced unit. Please improve.
  • Successful demonstration of unit combat abilities with 2 kills.
*Abrupt end with a generic electronic voice continuing.*
Payment has already been credited. Please use these memos or notes to improve your work here at TREDS. Remember to always consider the safety of those around you in your work place as your own.

*End of Debriefing*
[Short Version: The scouts found a site that had a dropship by tracking the forest group. The dropship wasn’t there but it left a burn trail through the forest as it was flying low to avoid detection. The burn trail has yet to be scouted and there is a possibility the dropship might come back to drop off the rest of the raiders. It has been 3 days since finding the forest cutting group.]

*An electronic mail*

Subject: Update from Client
Method: Computer Transcription from Voice Recording

--- Begin Transcription ---

fgdszz contract. Why do I have to keep them posted on every little, tiny thing we do? Don’t answer that, Sevgi. I know the answer and it has to do with a better paycheck. AND HOW DO YOU TURN this recording thing ON! kzkzkz.

brrz. Escort and Recon report from Fred. The small group found in the forest pushed the time table a bit forward. The parties involved thought best to push the next shipment through faster. Hence we performed an escort mission 3 days after finding the wood cutters. Our apologies to TREDS, we weren’t ready for the new schedule. We didn’t even have all our units yet and with all the confusion we forgot to report we were going out. But don’t worry about it. Nothing happened. It was just one boring escort mission for a convoy. The whole op was practically thrown together at the last moment.

On a more important note, the report from the trackers has come back. They followed the tracks back to where the forest group came from and found out how they got there. And with that in mind, I’ve ordered artillery. We’ve confirmed the raiders do in fact have a dropship and artillery will be our only way to “safely” take it down. We don’t know what type cause we haven’t seen it but the burn marks and landing skid tracks make it out to be a dropship.

The funny thing is that no sensor picked up any dropship flying around there. This either means they went really high and came down quick or they went really low. We are guessing low since there is a massive burnt channel through the forest! Ha ha. Easy to follow! They must have doubled back on the same trail since there is only one. The distance to the dropship burn site is pretty far. So any artillery we are going to get is going to be sent there. The raiders might not yet know we took out the forest group and might be shuttling in more troops. If that is the case, then we will be ready. However, we can’t leave the burn trail through the woods un-scouted.

That is all for the update. And I assure you we will get our mission briefings to you sooner. Supporting TREDS is one of our top priorities. I’ve let our HR person take over communication for the time being while things are still a bit busy for me. Sevgi Cig will be in touch.

--- End Transcription ---
[Short Version:The scout lance is going to follow the burning trail in hopes of finding the dropship or another landing site. The Stinger still does not have a right arm. Logistics can kill you if you don’t take care of them. Expect the next mission to have trees on the map. Probably assault drop again.]

*A familiar voice starts as the data pad comes to life.*

TREDS has received some information which will be useful for your prototype test. The Municipal Posse is trying to find the dropship the raiders are using. Remember that your job for TREDS is not the same job as the Municipal Posse. Your job is to provide test data for our technical research and design, and survive of course. Attached is the brief given by the senior mechwarrior:

*Voice recording*

Alright mechwarriors. You probably already know the vehicles crews have been sent off to protect the artillery we’ve received. You all will NOT be joining them. Instead, you have a much more difficult job than to wait for a dropship to come back. You mission is to scout the burn trail. You mechwarriors are going stalking. And your prey is a dropship.
At this point let me remind you that it IS a dropship, which could have units in it. It can easily out run you and it will outgun you. You are stalking the dropship for one reason, INFORMATION. We want to know where it is or where it lands and what type of dropship it is. Also, note that the right arm of the Stinger still hasn’t arrived to replace the one the chainsaw got. They say it is still three weeks out. Logistic crap!

So, you will be following the burn trail. Two conceivable scenarios will happen, in my opinion. Either you find the site the dropship has landed and report back. And maybe someone chases you a bit. OR you are following the trail and the dropship finds you. Use comms to report back when you see the dropship. Then get out. If you could lure it back to the place where the artillery is waiting, that would be great!

Get ready. You leave at dawn.

Oh and make sure the dropship is the enemy and not a TREDS prototype or something else from them.

*2 seconds of silence and then the original voice continues*

As a reminder, all test units are not like the factory releases you probably have used in the past. They will have quirks and bugs in the system. The data you provide back to TREDS will help alleviate these annoyances. Your skill, however, will keep you alive while suffering from them. Good luck. The friendly registration codes should already be in your units but approach friendlies with caution as they don’t know you are coming and might be a bit twitchy. After the op report directly to TREDS for further instructions.

[This game did not turn out at all like I had planned. I was expecting the scout group to run from the assault group. But MegaMek had other plans. :evil: But it turned out pretty good. I like the whole "Time to run" and then "we can take these guys!" It was fun.]

[spoiler=Short Version:]Victory. Pretty interesting match! Half the enemy force misses the drop. So instead of the chasers doing the chasing, the assaults feel to the light swarm attack. The dropship was found and dropped the units it was carrying and then ran.[/spoiler]

*A scrolling data pad with the text being read by a familiar voice.*

A bit of a surprise test for our prototypes this last operation turned out to be. The report from the client could have been very different had certain events not happened. See for yourself in the debriefing.

*A smooth screen change to another text with voice recording. Many voices can be heard in the background, though one voice drowns the rest out as the report is given.*

“I’ll say! Did you see them fly over the mountain? Ha Ha. Can’t touch” HEY! Keep it down. I’m giving the report over here.

The scout patrol located dropship near the “Oasis Valley”. It was a standard Manatee. Generic picture shown below.
[Image: Manatee.jpg]
It dropped four assault mechs right on top of us as soon as we spotted it. Also dropping were TREDS with two light mechs. One of which was fell prone from a missed drop; location shown by the red X. Initially, I gave the order to run! “YA RUN LIKE” QUIET!
[Image: 2566891.jpg]
Two assaults completely fired their assault drop rockets wrong and landed way off site and there location is unknown at this time, a Stalker and a Victor. The Manatee dropship quickly fled to the south, away from our artillery trap back along the trail we were following.
[Image: 2566890.jpg]
Only the Charger landed on target with the Banshee missing the drop and falling. From this point on we felt like we could take them. Our plan was to hit them from behind where the armor was not as strong. The Charger tried to run to help the fallen Banshee. But fell from our physical attacks as we mercilessly kicked the legs. However, the giants would not fall but instead the Charger fell from a missed kick against the TREDS Wasp. The TREDS Thorn managed to break the foot actuator which effectively made the Charger stay prone the rest of the skirmish.
[Image: 2566889.jpg]
The Banshee must have realized the trouble he was in and sprinted to the south. The two TREDS mechs took chase. The Charger was completely stripped of its arms before the pilot finally ejected and was captured. The Banshee fell from damage as TREDS own Wasp destroyed the head. The pilot died on ejection. Under the advice and direction of the Thorn pilot from TREDS, who worked in an industrial mech and knew where to grab the assault mechs so we could salavage them. We hurriedly dragged them away for fear of the other two assault mechs or the dropship coming back.

*A blank screen appears with a brief voice recording.*

The lab techs were pretty happy with this test. Attached is the report.

*Once again, a nervous young voice begins.*

To: Edward Devlin
The data from the Thorn THE-N showed that the endo-steel was not balanced correctly and responsible for the failed assault drop and the difficulty in standing. However, excellent work to you for adapting to the situation and figuring out how to make the mech stand even while it was unbalanced slightly. All sensors functioned properly. Data report from the collected data and battlerom is as follows:
  • Successful firing from the LRM 5 showed that the addition of CASE to the ammo bin was causing heat buildup.
  • Successful test of endo-steel balancing. The issues have been addressed and data collected is being analyzed in depth.
  • Unsuccessful test of CASE. However, this was not a critical objective because of the danger. Sensors were in place just in case this unfortunate event did happen.
  • Successful demonstration of unit’s mobility with a credited killing blow (the critical hit to the foot actuator) to the Charger.

To: Phildor MacKoup
Analysis of the battlerom shows you to be an excellent jumper even in the 1.08 G gravity of Skondia. You may have noticed not much was different from the Wasp WSP-1W design as from other Wasps. This is due to the prototype nearing completion. However, the battle computer on the prototype had not yet been tested. Data report follows:
  • Successful test of the battle computer’s weapon control showed a reduction in heat.
  • Successful test of the battle computer’s analysis of the tactical battlefield showed an overall increase in initiative throughout the 72 seconds of battle.
  • Successful fire of all lasers showed accuracy has been improved by 2%. Still shooting for higher number with more tweeking.
  • Successful demonstration of overall unit effectiveness with 2 kills. Nice job melting the head of the immobile Banshee.

*1 second pause before a generic electronic voice continues.*

Payment has already been credited. Please use these memos or notes to improve your work here at TREDS. Remember to always consider the safety of those around you in your work place as your own.

*End of Debriefing*
[This is a great opportunity to try out some aerospace units and learn to use them. If you need to make an aerospace pilot we can do that, too. Late comers and early leavers are always welcome and planned for. This is after all a beginners campaign to learn MegaMek. PM’s, questions, and suggestions always welcome.]

[spoiler=Short Version]Time for an Aerospace mission. But before you are too excited about it; you should know that it is not in space. Sad Anyway, fighters are going to hunt the two assault mechs which failed the drop from last mission. This wasn’t one of my planned missions but the story (and MegaMek) dictate that it happens this way.[/spoiler]

*Emergency Message from TREDS*

Attention all fighter pilots. You may have noticed the aerodyne dropship changing course into the atmosphere. A new opportunity for a test has come up suddenly. Get to the launch hangers. The brief will be there from the client.

*The client’s audio recording of their brief is being replayed in a loop as techs and pilots come and go from the room.*

The interrogation of the prisoners captured from the engagement in the forest has finished. They were hired local thugs. Their job was just to cut down the trees and make a path from the drop zone to the highway. For what units, they don’t know. They have made lots of paths. Some which haven’t been used yet by the raiders. They were being paid well and they were moved about in the same Manatee our recons found. The unfortunate thing is that they never saw the raider force. All they saw was the inside of the Manatee and the spots they needed to make a path from. Now we know these Raiders are careful. That is all the information that seemed important besides names and skills.

*Obvious pause between two different recording sessions. This time the voice seems a bit more hurried.*

I’ve been told to relay to TREDS that we are going to try and find the other two assault mechs which missed their drop and destroy them. For this we are deploying our air assets. We have attached magscanners to the underside of the fighters to find the mechs. They will perform a circular expanding search pattern starting at the Oasis Valley. Other specifics are attached. No intel is known if the raiders have any anti-air capabilities. The two target mechs are suspected to have green pilots and be a Stalker and a Victor. The scout mechs are still getting refueled and rearmed from yesterday so they will not be sent out. The pilot prisoner received a concussion on ejection and is being treated before interrogation, so no intel from him, yet. That is all.

*1 second pause and the message loops again.*

*The feeling of actual gravity becomes apparent as the room begins to quiver slightly. Entering the atmosphere has begun. Time to get to the launch bay.*
[Well, the late coming reinforcements WORKED! Both Wulfle and Patriot were given the 2 late comer spots and were able to participate. Unfortunately Wulfle had a corrupted or something version of MM, but we are trying to get that fixed (check your PM Wulfle; we will get you in yet  ;-)  ). I’m not very good with aero combat so it wasn’t too hard. However, we still cratered the ground with crashing fighters!]

[spoiler=Short Version]Victory! Our first atmospheric aero battle is done. I’ve learned that gravity KILLS as most fighters lost control and hit the ground. So, altitude is your friend; get more of it. The enemy tried to take control of the air space with 3 fighters. One being a heavy fighter, but the combine might of TREDS and the client, the Municipal Posse, made even the heavy fighter lose control and crash. The client had 1 fighter shot down and another damaged. What now of the assault mek hunting?  :undecided: [/spoiler]

*A scrolling data pad with the text being read by a familiar voice.*

I must stress that we do not have permission to drop without the client. That is our terms to keep you safe. However, they will have units there so it is not a contract breach if you do decide to go in. TREDS has many mech and fighter prototypes ready for testing.

*A recording of a unit communication back to home base starts.*

This is Jay. Encountered three raider fighters. Lost Rakel. Tim’s ‘MechBuster is damaged. Prepare for his crash landing. Raider fighters eliminated. Two assault mechs found on sensors. Do I have permission to engage?
“Negative. Take your wingmen home, Jay.”
I’ve got 2 TREDS fighters here and one went down. Permission to engage?
“Forward this to TREDS. We need to know if they can. Recon maneuvers, Jay. We will let you know when we get a response. Forward the battlerom if you could.”
Roger. Starting transfer. --- Raise altitude and don’t lose those mechs!

*End of recording*

*A condensed replay of the battlerom commences on the data pad.*

The client fighters are initially in a circular search pattern as three low flying raider fighters approach up the valley. Immediately, the chaos starts. A TREDS fighter is shown at a high altitude. The steep descent is not controlled as the fighter plummets 7 altitudes before crashing at the edge of a forest. During this time two more TREDS fighters arrive and one raider fighter is shot out of the sky by an AC/20.
[Image: 2592328.jpg]
The heavy fighter lines up one of the light client fighters and reduces it to dust with large and medium laser fire. The pilot’s concentration on the kill causes him to lose control as another AC/20 shot takes half the armor off one of his wings. Another crater marks the end of this fighter. The remaining light fighter for the raiders who has been speedily flying around the outside of the battle decides to try to outrun the other fighters. However, a TREDS fighter slips in behind the fighter and places a well-aimed laser causing the fuel tank to explode. Moments later, another AC/20 shot obliterates the larger piece of burning wreckage. However, the dying shot from the last raider causes the AC/20 wielding ‘Mechbuster to lose control and fly carefully back to base with damaged avionics.

*The battlerom ends as the lab report comes up.*

Mixed reports back from the lab this time.

*Surprisingly, an older voice starts*

To: Luke Skywalker
Glad you were able to eject before your Slayer SL-15R crashed. From the battlerom, since all sensors were destroyed upon impact, it was clear the craft was unstable in the atmosphere. A wind tunnel test is now required for all further prototypes which could operate in atmosphere. My apologies again that we almost killed you as you fell like a brick.
  • Unsuccessful test of LBX autocannon.
  • Successful test of atmospheric flight showed very unstable during complex maneuvers such as changing altitude by three levels, which is one over the safe two level change.

*The young voice then takes over, even more nervous than before.*

Reports for Rick Dico and ?[Wulfle] are not yet ready as the units have yet to return so sensor data can be analyzed along with the battlerom. These will be report later.

*1 second pause before a generic electronic voice continues.*

Payment has already been credited. Please use these memos or notes to improve your work here at TREDS. Remember to always consider the safety of those around you in your work place as your own.

*End of Debriefing*
[So this mission should finish off this little side arc from the assault mechs missing their drops. Fighters and mechs are allowed on this map. So come learn how to use fighters on ground maps. Last mission was fighters on an atmosphere map so this is different.

Short Version: Kill two assault mechs! Mechs and aerospace fighters on the SAME map!]

As you sit going through the TREDS checklist waiting for deployment, you recall the details of this rather quickly thrown together mission. TREDS calls them “tests,” but really you still think of them as missions or scenarios. A rose by any other name…. FOCUS.

The call for action was quick; unlike TREDS usual style, the briefing consisted of a review the previous two briefings and debriefings. However, it isn’t every day you get to test prototypes against just two assault mechs. Usually they have support, but the air support has already been dealt with. Now just to finish them off. Which ones again? A Stalker STK-3F and a Victor VTR-9B. You’ll have air support from the client, too. Doesn’t seem like much else you can think about with the mission. Was there anything else important. The pay is good for these tests and the new stuff is pretty neat. It even still has the “new” smell to it. Hmm, maybe you will buy that exercise gym….

Checklist finished. Here we go! Time is of the essence.
[And that is how you used fighters on ground maps. For some reason fixing my internet made my port forwarding get all screwed up so I have to figure out how to fix it for my backup server. Thanks to Nutchip for letting my borrow his. Getting setup will be shorter next time …. maybe.

Short Version: Victory! Ammo explosions and high dice rolling really make for short games. But my objective was to finish of this story dictated mission and expose people to fighters on ground maps.]

* Official Report from Client: Municipal Posse *

We would like to thank TREDS for their support in finishing off the two assault mechs. We are surprised at how fast they mobilized three assault mech drops and three aerospace fighters to support our two aerospace units and a TREDS fighter. The other TREDS fighter accompanied our crippled conventional fighter safely back to base.

With fighter support zooming all over the area landing shots on the two assault mechs, the TREDS mech landed securely in the area. Soon thereafter a couple small accidental fires started from the fighting. However, it was not long before the rear armor of the Stalker was gone and the internal ammo was hit by a TREDS Seydlitz.
[Image: 2609482.jpg]
Immediately following the damaged Victor’s armor gave way as the TREDS Crab penetrated armor and set off another ammo explosion. Both assault mechs were completely consumed as other ammo explosions tripped off. Both pilots were captured and are currently being treated for wounds along with the first pilot captured.

* Lab Report read by a nervous young voice. *

To: Thomas Riker
The data from the Assassin ASN-101 agrees well with other data tests. More data was needed to provide a statistical significance to this variant’s capabilities. Soon, all sensors will be removed for an actual production mech test. Good work.
  • Successful assault drop on target.
  • Successful test of unit effectiveness and mobility. Armor and jump jets preformed as expected as did weapons. Recommendation for production finalization.

To: Tom Paris
The Sparrowhawk SPR-H5K was tested with new weaponry. Next time try to fire it more than once.
  • Successful atmospheric flight.
  • Successful firing of Ultra autocannon showed there is a slight problem in the weapon. Need more data to pinpoint whether it is the cooling jacket or the weapon bore.

To: Edward Devlin
Excellent work with the Sentinel STN-3L. Taking off the armor from the back really helped take down that Stalker.
  • Successful test of the Ultra AC/5 in ultra-mode showed the weapon is accurate as it registered a critical gyro hit. However, the cooling method needs to be addressed to handle “ultra-mode.”
  • Successful assault drop of mech.

To: Jeff Rooks
The performance of the Seydlitz SYD-Z2A showed this unit is ready to see combat. Further tests toward production are recommended.
  • Successful atmosphere flight with some reported instability in advance maneuvers such as a hammerhead.
  • Successful demonstration of weapon load out as causing the complete destruction of the Stalker with ammo explosions.

To: Dutch Mallory
Superb use of the Crab CRB-27 weapons systems during the test showed the mech’s weapons are fully functional, which has improved since last test.
  • Successful assault drop.
  • Successful demonstration of armor strength.
  • Unsuccessful test of the balance of the unit under strenuous circumstances. This test must be repeated before any finalization of the armor design can be made.
  • Successful combat demonstration with an impressive show of precision by the pilot at hitting an ammo bin causing ammo explosions to rip the Victor apart.

To: Luke Skywalker
Glad to see you were able to get back into another Slayer SL-15R. This test was not that useful as the unit never did enter combat. However, some results did still come in. Further testing is needed.
  • Successful test of atmospheric flight shows that the quick adjustments made improved the design. Further flow testing and design will bring this design up to acceptable limits.
  • Unsuccessful test of the weapons as none were fired. Entering combat is advised.

To: Rick Dico
The data from this long test of the Starfire SF-1X showed the craft could handle extended operating flights. Also, the client has specifically thanked you for staying with their wing to finish of the assault mechs.
  • Successful atmospheric flight shows no problems.
  • Successful test of Ultra AC/5 showing technology is ready for deployment in new fighters.
  • Successful demonstration of Starfire SF-1X as a combat fighter with one killed fighter.

Other Notes:
The Bluehawk Combat Support Fighter MSF-42 sensors did not function during the entire tests. A repeat test will be needed.

*1 second pause before a generic electronic voice continues.*

Payment has already been credited. Please use these memos or notes to improve your work here at TREDS. Remember to always consider the safety of those around you in your work place as your own.

*End of Debriefing*

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