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New Tileset - "Not So Boring" (Warning: Screenshots)
V03 Is now available.

***** IMPORTANT NOTE *****
This will not work with MegaMek 41.20 or 40.1!
Tested working with 41.19 and 41.21
***** IMPORTANT NOTE *****

This is a new tileset for MegaMek I've been working on, primarily for personal use, but I thought it might be nice to share it.  My priorities in making this tileset are to come up with something that is both visually attractive and very easy to read.  When forced to choose between those two goals, I try to land on the "easy to read" side of the fence.

Short Summary Of Included Items:
New Base Tiles.
New Water Tiles.
New Pavement Tiles.
10 New Rough Terrain Tiles.
10 New Ultra Rough Terrain Tiles.
6 New Rubble Tiles.
10 New Light Wood tiles
10 New Heavy Wood Tiles
4 new Ultra Heavy Wood Tiles
New Multi-hex buildings.
New Single-hex buildings.
New Roads
New Gravel Roads
New Dirt Roads
New Bridges.
5 New Planted Fields.
50 New Ice Tiles.
10 New Thin Snow Tiles.
10 New Deep Snow Tiles.
10 New Liquid Magma Tiles.
20 New Magma Crust Tiles.
10 New Sand Tiles.
14 New Mud Tiles.
10 New Rapids Tiles.
10 New Torrent Tiles.
1 New Swamp Tile.
4 New Quicksand Tiles.

New Features in V03:
20 Base Tiles - Lunar, Mars
3 New Field Tiles - L. Snow, H. Snow, Mars
30 New Mud Tiles - L. Snow, H. Snow, Mars
12 New Reworked Pavement tiles
New Dirt Roads - L. Snow, H. Snow, Lunar Mars
New Gravel Roads - L. Snow, H. Snow, Mars
20 New Rough Tiles - Snow, Mars
20 New Ultra Rough Tiles - Snow, Mars
20 New Sand Tiles - Lunar, Mars
Modified Swamp for Better Visibility
Modified Quicksand
40 New L. Woods Tiles - Snow, Fall, Lunar, Mars
40 New H. Woods Tiles - Snow, Fall, Lunar, Mars
16 New Ultra H. Woods Tiles - Snow, Fall, Lunar Mars
Better overall theme support.
More Reorganization of the File Structure.

That totals about 600 new or reworked graphics for the v03 update.
More to come!

See readme.txt

See license.txt (GPL 3)

A few assets where reused from the stock megamek tileset.  So far as I know, there is no detailed list of who created what.  For now, I would say that credit for those assets belongs to the megamek team.  If your work is here and you wish to be credited beyond the megamek credits file, be sure to let me know.

The following people provided additional support and feedback:

[Image: screen01_zpswlrzgtx6.jpg]

[Image: screen02_zpsakvlfd8i.jpg]

[Image: screen03_zpsxphb4jl4.jpg]

[Image: screen04_zpsf8xtejov.jpg]

[Image: screen05_zps3sta3wwc.jpg]

[Image: oasis_zpsdptcuapj.jpg]

[Image: MagmaE_zpszgnvysr7.jpg]

[Image: SnowA_zpsywyvehld.jpg]

[Image: IceC_zpsjysheevc.jpg]

Download Link:
There's a few more things I really want to do for sure.

New Bridges
New Planted Fields
New Sand
Full MekHQ support (I don't really use it, so I'm not sure what I need to do here)

Maybe replace a few more things here and there.

One thing I could really use though is some feedback on the trees.  I liked the original megamek trees, but I thought it would be nice to have some updated trees that can take advantage of png's partial transparency.  Let me know if you think these are a genuine improvement or not.

I have also been considering doing some trees inspired by the trees in the old SSI Steel Panthers.  One of my worries though is that trees in that style might inhibit reading any other terrain in the hex too much.  Let me know what you think on that too.  I'm also not sure if I'm good enough to pull it off, so no guarantees either way.
I like it!  SirMegaV also has done an absolute ton of work on new buildings and road art as well.  Have you looked in the data/images/hexes/HQ_boring folder i think it is and taken a look at the types of trees used for the hq tileset?  And the roughs look neat, remind me of the Warcraft II textures.
I like the way it looks overall.  Some of the changes don't seem all that different, although I didn't do any side-by-side comparisons.

If you'd like, once you're finished, we could consider including it within the MM release, or at the very least we could list your tileset along with the other extra downloads.
Yeah, I saw his stuff when I went to post this package.  One of the key differences to our approaches is that my stuff is all meant to work just fine with the editor/randomiser/existing maps/whatevers as they are.  Well mostly anyways.  My gravel and dirt roads will need to be updated to work with whatever the official implementation of those road types will be whenever that happens.  I really don't have any sort of a problem with his approach for map makers that want to put that level of detail into their maps, fiddling with the numbers until you get the perfect tile and such, but that's just not my goal.

I have seen those trees.  The biggest problem that I have with them is that, imho, they obscure too much of what's under them.

Now, there's a game I haven't played in a long time.  I wouldn't be even slightly surprised if Warcraft 2 did have some subconscious influence on the end result there.

I wanted my tileset to still feel like MegaMek.  The emphasis is on improving readability and quality.  In the course of achieving those two goals, I reworked just about everything pictured in those screenshots.  I can only think of a few things that I reused from stock MegaMek.  The hex outline.  Some of the color palette from the original paved roads.  I did reuse the level 0 pavement, but I completely forgot that I did that until after you got me thinking about it.  I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think I used any of the stock elevation variants on that though.  I also recreated the stock tree arrangements with my new trees, in addition to adding several new arrangements.  There might be something I missed, but I don't think so.

Here's a couple things to look for:
I completely redrew the roads.  One of the big reasons for this was to take advantage of the png file format.  The other big reason was to fix the numerous alignment errors.  Those errors where caused by flipping and mirroring the original roads to produce new rotations, but they weren't actually symmetrical.  One of the more obvious differences is that my roads tend to curve more than the originals did, as I tend to favor gentle curves over bizarre 60 degree hard turns in the middle of a straight road.

My first goal with the buildings was to make medium more visually distinct from heavy buildings.  As I got into them, I ended up changing a whole lot of tile layouts to yield more natural building shapes.  I also fixed a lot of alignment issues.  The roof textures where also problematic as the way the original tiles where flipped and mirrored tended to cause the textures to arrange in a manner that wasn't very appealing.  I guess I never showed one in a screenshot, but I also was not a fan of those turrets on the stock hardened buildings either.  They're often in strange locations due to a desire to fit into the hexes and being added as an afterthought.  Somewhere along the line, I ended up just redrawing the multi tile buildings from scratch.

Anyways, yeah, once I round this out a little more, feel free to do whatever you want.  Everything included is gpl 3.
I got to say I like it.  For the idea of using the tree's inspired by SSI I think it would be worth exploring. I played a LOT of hours of those games in the game and remember the look and feel of them fondly.

Yeah, I played the hell out of those games too.  The fields from steel panthers is exactly what I have in mind for my own rendition of planted fields.  Of course, mine need to be a bit more lively than theirs to match the rest of the tileset, but same basic idea anyways.
Well, I've been at it again.  A couple of people have mentioned side by side comparisons so I'm mostly going to include the comparison in my screenshots from now on.  Anyways, here's what I've been up to:

New fields.  I included some extra variants as well.
[Image: compare07_zpskt5rbz1s.jpg]

I always really liked the swamp tiles from the atmospheric tileset, but the gif format was really not kind to them when they where moved to take advantage of the transparency.  I spent some time doing a better job of porting them over to png.  I also put a bit of effort into enhancing them a little bit.  I rigged up a test where you can see the versions that come with the atmospheric tileset just above my png conversion.
[Image: compare10_zps8wconbwu.jpg]

I also used these cleaner swamp tiles as a basis for some much improved mud tiles.
[Image: compare11_zpssfkp02yh.jpg]

I think I will attempt to create additional swamp tiles in the same flavor as the originals to improve the variety factor.  Hopefully, I'll get 6 more.  I'm not sure I'm good enough to pull it off though.  We'll see.  No upload for now.  Want to get a few more things done before I go to the effort of packing it all into an archive and making sure it can install clean.
So 2 questions.

First, where should I go to request a feature?

Second, does anybody have any idea what "tundra" is supposed to be?  The description in the book is pretty short on, you know, actual description.  When I think of tundra, I think of this:

That's really just rough terrain...
#10 is the link for the MegaMek tracker.  And just create a new issue and the devs will worry about labeling it as an enhancement and all that.

And yeah I think your right about tundra, just rough terrain/permafrost I dont know if it even has an effect on gameplay in MegaMek? Wiki:

"The word "tundra" usually refers only to the areas where the subsoil is permafrost, or permanently frozen soil. (It may also refer to the treeless plain in general, so that northern Sápmi would be included.)"
Can't help much on the tundra question, but I did have a suggestion for swamp/mud.  One thing I've noticed with the swamp icon is that it doesn't look good when there's a contiguous region.  The swamp icon is more like a sinkhole; one hex of terrain surrounded  by other types.  This is important for mud because there are weather conditions that turn any clear hex into mud, which means you could potentially have nearly a whole map of mud hexes.  That might look a little strange with your proposed mud icon (not that it doesn't look ugly with the current icon either).
You both make good points about the mud and swamp in this and another thread.  I had thought about the swamp problem a bit, but the moderate+ rain thing is something I had completely overlooked.  Honestly, this is because I rarely use the weather settings.  I'll try another approach.  I think I will keep the current mud implementation as a mud:2 (which seems to be unused as far as I can tell) for the creation of mud patches.  Trying this out, I also discovered a bug.  Pavement turns to mud in heavy rain, which makes no sense.

The book has this (and only this) to say about tundra:
"The Expanded Movement Costs and Planetary Conditions Tables list the MP costs for tundra.  Additionally, a unit entering a tundra hex may get stuck (see Bog Down Rules p. 62)"

The MP cost is +0 unless it's a support vehicle, +1 to PSRs though.

Hence the confusion.  I think of tundra as a usually rocky area, with moss or snow/ice depending on the season, and a layer of permafrost just below the surface.  I have no idea how you're supposed to get bogged down in that.  Tundra as a biome may, obviously, have a variety of terrains.  Hills, rough, open, snow, ice, and shallow lakes mostly.  Those are all already discrete terrain types though.  The only gameplay effect I can personally see is that the rocky terrain combined with permafrost should make it very difficult for infantry to dig in, but I don't think that's even a rule.
Also, thought I would put this here before I went and made an actual feature request of it to get your thoughts.

One thing I would really like to see is for the map editor to automatically set exits for fields in the exact same fashion as it does for buildings.  Here's a demonstration as to *why*:

[Image: compare08_zpsvoimxgxz.jpg]

To quote Doc Brown, "Please excuse the crudity of this model."  I know that there are alignment errors, it's just a quick mockup.  Still, personally, I think that this is *way* more attractive than the current method of just filling the hex.

Considering that this is already implemented for buildings, it should take very little work on the coding side.  It is also 100% compatible with the existing tilesets.

I would also like to see the same for concrete for the same reasons.  Since you guys brought up those points about mud and swamps, I think I would like to see the same for them as well.
Yes the ordering of the images in the tileset causes terrain to be drawn over the road images so, I submitted a fix/re-order for it in this issue and should be in the next release if it isnt already.

Open your atmospheric tileset or wtvr your using and move:

include "StandardIncludes/BasicBridges.tileinc"
include "StandardIncludes/BasicRoads.tileinc"


super * "rapids:1" "" "transparent/rapids.png"
super * "rapids:2" "" "transparent/rapids.png"

[Image: ObfOU5w.png]

I do like how it looks with MM treating fields the same way as buildings but, depending on how difficult that is to recode how planted fields are treated to become like buildings it may not be worth it since they still occupy the same hexes and is only a visual difference :\.  We also need planted fields to be able to burn down as well or else end up with ever burning fireball maps lol.
There is a way to do this now. Make all 63 Pieces of the terrain tile set. In the tileset create a new theme. Take the base terrain you want to change, in this case the Planted fields and set it as the base terrain of the tileset. Example, base * "planted_fields:1" "" "boring/fields.gif" to base * "planted_fields:1" "Theme Name" "boring/beige_plains_0.gif". Then add in your 63 Pieces of Terrain in to the tileset.
super * "fluff:55:01" "Theme Name" "file location/Planted_Fields01.gif"
super * "fluff:55:02" "Theme Name" "file location/Planted_Fields02.gif"
super * "fluff:55:63" "Theme Name" "file location/Planted_Fields063.gif"\
Create your map in the map editor. Set the base terrain as normal then add the fluff on top. not only will this make the map look better but it will also function correctly.
How's this as a concept for swamp and mud?

[Image: mud%20swamp%2001_zpsofljihy8.jpg]

Obviously, unfinished.  Just a concept.  It needs some more tiles for variety, maybe some color tuning, etc.

I'll have to look into that.  That would not work with randomly generated maps in any case, and would not work with maps whose terrain has been altered procedurally.
I like it. This is a lot better mud than anything so far. I think you might have accidently created a new terrain type hex with the green. It reminds me of Brush. With a little tuning it could be the icon for level 1 vegetation.
I was trying out what you where saying and couldn't get the editor to set the exits automatically.  It would paint "boring/beige_plains_0.gif" with "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof00.png" in every hex.

I just used my light building tiles as a quick test.
This is the code I used:

base * "planted_fields:*" "Theme Name" "boring/beige_plains_0.gif"
super * "fluff:55:00" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof00.png"
super * "fluff:55:01" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof01.png"
super * "fluff:55:02" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof02.png"
super * "fluff:55:03" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof03.png"
super * "fluff:55:04" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof04.png"
super * "fluff:55:05" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof05.png"
super * "fluff:55:06" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof06.png"
super * "fluff:55:07" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof07.png"
super * "fluff:55:08" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof08.png"
super * "fluff:55:09" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof09.png"
super * "fluff:55:10" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof10.png"
super * "fluff:55:11" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof11.png"
super * "fluff:55:12" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof12.png"
super * "fluff:55:13" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof13.png"
super * "fluff:55:14" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof14.png"
super * "fluff:55:15" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof15.png"
super * "fluff:55:16" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof16.png"
super * "fluff:55:17" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof17.png"
super * "fluff:55:18" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof18.png"
super * "fluff:55:19" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof19.png"
super * "fluff:55:20" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof20.png"
super * "fluff:55:21" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof21.png"
super * "fluff:55:22" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof22.png"
super * "fluff:55:23" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof23.png"
super * "fluff:55:24" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof24.png"
super * "fluff:55:25" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof25.png"
super * "fluff:55:26" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof26.png"
super * "fluff:55:27" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof27.png"
super * "fluff:55:28" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof28.png"
super * "fluff:55:29" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof29.png"
super * "fluff:55:30" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof30.png"
super * "fluff:55:31" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof31.png"
super * "fluff:55:32" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof32.png"
super * "fluff:55:33" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof33.png"
super * "fluff:55:34" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof34.png"
super * "fluff:55:35" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof35.png"
super * "fluff:55:36" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof36.png"
super * "fluff:55:37" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof37.png"
super * "fluff:55:38" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof38.png"
super * "fluff:55:39" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof39.png"
super * "fluff:55:40" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof40.png"
super * "fluff:55:41" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof41.png"
super * "fluff:55:42" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof42.png"
super * "fluff:55:43" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof43.png"
super * "fluff:55:44" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof44.png"
super * "fluff:55:45" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof45.png"
super * "fluff:55:46" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof46.png"
super * "fluff:55:47" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof47.png"
super * "fluff:55:48" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof48.png"
super * "fluff:55:49" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof49.png"
super * "fluff:55:50" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof50.png"
super * "fluff:55:51" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof51.png"
super * "fluff:55:52" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof52.png"
super * "fluff:55:53" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof53.png"
super * "fluff:55:54" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof54.png"
super * "fluff:55:55" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof55.png"
super * "fluff:55:56" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof56.png"
super * "fluff:55:57" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof57.png"
super * "fluff:55:58" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof58.png"
super * "fluff:55:59" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof59.png"
super * "fluff:55:60" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof60.png"
super * "fluff:55:61" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof61.png"
super * "fluff:55:62" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof62.png"
super * "fluff:55:63" "Theme Name" "Not So Boring By CSL/Buildings/Light/roof63.png"

If I didn't make a mistake and you know for sure that it works, perhaps you could put together a small demo?
Here is a test map of a Canal and some random gen river, and my tileset

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

.tileinc   Water.tileinc (Size: 3.53 KB / Downloads: 2)
[Image: compare12_zpsg6i1dpf9.jpg]

Between these two mud tiles, which is better?

@mancub72 I'll take a look at that soon.

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